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Last active Jun 2, 2022
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"Flash .uf2 file to"/reboot Raspberry Pico with baudrate switching method [+picotool reboot]
sudo stty -F /dev/ttyACM0 1200
echo waiting
while [ ! -d /media/pi/RPI-RP2 ]; do sleep 0.1; done
sleep 0.5
if [ "$*" = "" ]; then echo rebooting; sudo picotool reboot; exit; fi
echo copying
cp $1 /media/pi/RPI-RP2
echo done
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Hermann-SW commented Feb 8, 2021

Updated flash tool allows to flash .uf2 files as well as to reboot the Pico over USB. No change needed anywhere, besides using new V1.1.0 SDK. Projects not using USB can add single command to CMakeLists.txt to work (as hello_serial.c in animation):

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