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# Thank you for purchasing StoreStats and I hope you enjoy the plugin!
# If you have any suggestions or need any help please comment in the discussions page!
# Check for plugin updates on startup?
Update Notify: true
# Enable Debug mode for the plugin to see special
# things including raw data of connections.
Debug Mode: false
# Enter your store type and secret here.
# Supported Stores: Tebex, CraftingStore
# The only thing we use your key for is to connect to Store's API
# for recent purchases, goals and nothing else. (All read information)
Store Type: Tebex
Secret Key: ""
# What is the max amount of payments should be keep in the cache?
# Tebex max is 100 and will use one connection no matter the amount.
# CraftingStore max is infinite but will do a connection per 15 payments (They use pages).
Cache Amount: 30
# The minimum payment to add into the cache.
# Setting to 0.01 will exclude all 0.00 payments.
# Set to 0.00 to allow all.
Minimum Payment: 0.00
# Time in whole seconds for how often to check all signs in the data.yml
# and update them. Will also remove broken signs that somehow didn't get removed.
# E.g when using WorldEdit or breaking the block its held on.
# This will also update the payments and goal caches.
Update Task Timer: 900
# Use a task distribution system for the above task.
# Instead of updating all the signs in a single tick this will make a task for
# EACH sign that needs updating with a delay of 3 ticks (by default) per task.
# Set to 0 to disable and not use this system if you're somehow having issues.
Update Task Distribution Delay: 3
# Connection timeout in seconds.
# If connecting to your store API is
# taking longer than X seconds it'll cancel.
# Increase this if you have bad internet.
Connection Timeout: 7.5
# Alias commands for the main /StoreStats command
# as a list such as [example, command, cmd]
Command Aliases: [ss]
# Format for the signs. Max of 4 lines.
# Placeholders can be used on any line!
# <#XXXXXX> for hex colors.
Sign Format:
- "&8&l&m &r &a&l%number% &8&l&m "
- "&a&l%player_name%"
- "&2&l$%amount%"
- "&8&l&m "
# Colors for the NPC names by their payment placement.
# You can add as many as you want.
# Defaults to &f if not defined.
# <#XXXXXX> for hex colors.
NPC Colors:
1: "&b&l"
2: "&6&l"
3: "&f&l"
4: "&f"
5: "&f"
# Settings for the goal placeholders.
Community Goal Placeholders:
# Total "bars" to use in the progress bar.
Total Bars: 16
# Symbol to use in the bar.
Symbol: ""
# Completed part of the bar.
Completed Color: "&b&l"
# Non completed part of the bar.
Empty Color: "&7"
# <#XXXXXX> for hex colors.
# Prefix for all chat messages. Set to "" to disable.
# Only player messages.
Prefix: "&b[StoreStats] "
# Message for when you don't enter a number on line 2 of the sign.
# Player message.
Invalid Number: "&cYou didn't enter a valid number."
# Message for when you successfully add a new sign to the database.
# Player message.
Successfully Added Sign: "&aAdded sign to database!"
# Message for when you successfully remove a new sign to the database.
# Player message.
Successfully Removed Sign: "&aRemoved sign from the database!"
# Message for when you make a StoreStats sign but isn't a wall sign.
# Player message.
Must Be Wall Sign: "&cMust be a wall sign!"
# Message for when you do /StoreStats force
# Player & Console message.
Force Update: "&aForce updating all signs & placeholders!"
# Message for when a sign inside the data.yml is being updated but isn't actually
# a valid sign and gets removed due to it not being there anymore
# Console message.
Invaild Sign: "&cRemoved invaild sign at %location%"
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