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Autopkg custom processor,
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# JPCImporter v2.1
# Tony Williams 2019-07-03
# ARW 2019-07-18 Many bug fixes
# ARW 2020-03-12 Version 2 with changes for new workflow
# ARW 2020-06-09 Some changes to log levels and cleaning up code
# ARW 2020-06-24 Final tidy before publication
"""See docstring for JPCImporter class"""
from os import path
import subprocess
import plistlib
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import datetime
import logging
import logging.handlers
from time import sleep
import requests
from autopkglib import Processor, ProcessorError
APPNAME = "JPCImporter"
LOGFILE = "/usr/local/var/log/%s.log" % APPNAME
__all__ = [APPNAME]
class JPCImporter(Processor):
"""Uploads a package to JPC and updates the test install policy"""
description = __doc__
input_variables = {
"pkg_path": {
"required": True,
"description": "Path to the package to be imported into Jamf Pro ",
output_variables = {
"jpc_importer_summary_result": {"description": "Summary of action"}
def setup_logging(self):
"""Defines a nicely formatted logger"""
self.logger = logging.getLogger(APPNAME)
# we may be the second and subsequent iterations of JPCImporter
# and already have a handler.
if len(self.logger.handlers) > 0:
handler = logging.handlers.TimedRotatingFileHandler(
LOGFILE, when="D", interval=1, backupCount=7
"%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s",
datefmt="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",
def load_prefs(self):
""" load the preferences form file """
# Which pref format to use, autopkg or jss_importer
autopkg = False
if autopkg:
plist = path.expanduser(
prefs = plistlib.load(open(plist, "rb"))
url = prefs["JSS_URL"]
auth = (prefs["API_USERNAME"], prefs["API_PASSWORD"])
plist = path.expanduser("~/Library/Preferences/JPCImporter.plist")
prefs = plistlib.load(open(plist, "rb"))
url = prefs["url"]
auth = (prefs["user"], prefs["password"])
return (url, auth)
def upload(self, pkg_path):
"""Upload the package `pkg_path` and returns the ID returned by JPC""""Starting %s", pkg_path)
# do some set up
(server, auth) = self.load_prefs()
hdrs = {"Accept": "application/xml", "Content-type": "application/xml"}
base = server + "/JSSResource/"
pkg = path.basename(pkg_path)
title = pkg.split("-")[0]
# check to see if the package already exists
url = base + "packages/name/{}".format(pkg)
self.logger.debug("About to get: %s", url)
ret = requests.get(url, auth=auth)
if ret.status_code == 200:
self.logger.warning("Found existing package: %s", pkg)
return 0
# use curl for the file upload as it seems to work nicer than requests
# for this ridiculous workaround for file uploads.
curl_auth = "%s:%s" % auth
curl_url = server + "/dbfileupload"
command = ["curl", "-u", curl_auth, "-s", "-X", "POST", curl_url]
command += ["--header", "DESTINATION: 0"]
command += ["--header", "OBJECT_ID: -1"]
command += ["--header", "FILE_TYPE: 0"]
command += ["--header", "FILE_NAME: {}".format(pkg)]
command += ["--upload-file", pkg_path]
self.logger.debug("About to curl: %s", pkg)
# self.logger.debug("Auth: %s", curl_auth)
self.logger.debug("pkg_path: %s", pkg_path)
# self.logger.debug("command: %s", command)
ret = subprocess.check_output(command)
self.logger.debug("Done - ret: %s", ret)
packid = ET.fromstring(ret).findtext("id")
if packid == "":
raise ProcessorError("curl failed for url :{}".format(curl_url))
self.logger.debug("Uploaded and got ID: %s", packid)
# build the package record XML
today ="%d-%b-%G")
data = "<package><id>{}</id>".format(packid)
data += "<category>Applications</category>"
data += "<notes>Built by Autopkg. "
data += "Uploaded {}</notes></package>".format(today)
# we use requests for all the other API calls as it codes nicer
# update the package details
url = base + "packages/id/{}".format(packid)
# we set up some retries as sometimes the server
# takes a minute to settle with a new package upload
# (Can we have an API that allows for an upload and
# setting this all in one go.)
count = 0
while True:
count += 1
self.logger.debug("package update attempt %s", count)
ret = requests.put(url, auth=auth, headers=hdrs, data=data)
if ret.status_code == 201:
if count > 5:
raise ProcessorError(
"Package update failed with code: %s" % ret.status_code
# now for the test policy update
policy_name = "TEST-{}".format(title)
url = base + "policies/name/{}".format(policy_name)
ret = requests.get(url, auth=auth)
if ret.status_code != 200:
raise ProcessorError(
"Test Policy %s not found: %s" % (url, ret.status_code)
self.logger.warning("Test policy found")
root = ET.fromstring(ret.text)
self.logger.debug("about to set package details")
root.find("package_configuration/packages/package/id").text = str(
root.find("general/enabled").text = "false"
root.find("package_configuration/packages/package/name").text = pkg
url = base + "policies/id/{}".format(root.findtext("general/id"))
data = ET.tostring(root)
ret = requests.put(url, auth=auth, data=data)
if ret.status_code != 201:
raise ProcessorError(
"Test policy %s update failed: %s" % (url, ret.status_code)
pol_id = ET.fromstring(ret.text).findtext("id")
self.logger.debug("got pol_id: %s", pol_id)"Done Package: %s Test Policy: %s", pkg, pol_id)
return pol_id
def main(self):
"""Do it!"""
# clear any pre-existing summary result
if "jpc_importer_summary_result" in self.env:
del self.env["jpc_importer_summary_result"]
pkg_path = self.env.get("pkg_path")
if not path.exists(pkg_path):
raise ProcessorError("Package not found: %s" % pkg_path)
pol_id = self.upload(pkg_path)
self.logger.debug("Done: %s: %s", pol_id, pkg_path)
if pol_id != 0:
self.env["jpc_importer_summary_result"] = {
"summary_text": "The following packages were uploaded:",
"report_fields": ["policy_id", "pkg_path"],
"data": {"policy_id": pol_id, "pkg_path": pkg_path},
if __name__ == "__main__":
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