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Help for Telegram Instant View Template
# To remove only some text on a content
@remove: //p[self::p/strong[contains(text(), "Articles liés")]]
@remove: //iframe[contains(@src,"https://urlsomething")]
# To deal with fucking error of <img> is not supported in blabla
@before_el(./..): //a/img
@before_el(./..): //p/img
# Same thing but, but iframe is not supported in p
<div>: //p[descendant::iframe]
#Cover and figure. Some work and others not. The code trie to add caption, but no each time
# idealy, we should get something like this :
<img src="xxx"/>
<figure>: //img
<figcaption>: //img/p
cover: //figure
$bg_section: //div[has-class("image-container")]
<figure>: $bg_section
<figcaption>: //div[has-class("image-caption")]
cover: //figure
$cover_img: //head/meta[@property="og:image"]
$content: $cover_img/@content
@set_attr(src, $content): $cover_img
<img>: $cover_img
@wrap(<figure>): $@
$mynewcoverphoto: $@
cover: $@
<figcaption>: //div[has-class("entry-media-credit")]
@append_to($mynewcoverphoto): $@
# To extract image from slider, display them and add them to body
$slide: //a[has-class("rsImg")]
@set_attr(src, @href): $slide
<img>: $slide
@wrap(<figure>): $@
@append_to($body): $@
@append(<slideshow>): $body
@append_to(//slideshow): $body//figure
# To use <anchor> tag in IV. In the example below, the span is the place of the anchor.
@before(<anchor>, name, @id): $body//h2/span
# For dealing with FB video or Widget (code taken from IV chat group)
# facebook post
$fb_post: $body//div[has-class("fb-post")][@data-href]
@urlencode: $fb_post/@data-href
@set_attr(data-src, "", @data-href, "&show_text=", @data-show-text, "&width=640"): $fb_post
@before(<iframe>, src, @data-src, class, "fb-post"): $fb_post
# facebook video
$fb_video: $body//div[has-class("fb-video")][@data-href]
@urlencode: $fb_video/@data-href
@set_attr(data-src, "", @data-href, "&show_text=", @data-show-text, "&width=640"): $fb_video
@before(<iframe>, src, @data-src, class, "fb-video"): $fb_video
# For instagram
# instagram
@before(<iframe>, \
src, ".//a[contains(@href, \"\")]/@href", \
class, "instagram" \
): $body//blockquote[has-class("instagram-media")]
# Using @combine for combining 2 tags and using the xpath axis
@combine: //div[has-class("img-source")]/following::*[1]/self::div
# To remove something with a value "starting with" or "contains()"
@remove: //img[starts-with(@src, "data:image/jpeg;base64")]
$dada: //p[contains(text(), "incantation")]
# A template base to gain time
~version: "2.0"
# Template de base pour Actualite Houssenia Writing
# Pour commencer, on traite les éléments principaux
$main: //article
site_name: //meta[@itemprop="name"]/@content
title: //h1[has-class("post-title")]
subtitle: //div[@id="Chapo"]
body: //div[has-class("entry-inner")]
@datetime(-1, "fr","dd/MM/yyyy"): //time[has-class("published")]/text()
published_date: $@
author: //span[has-class("fn")]
author_url: //a[@rel="author"]/@href
# Example for related tag
# $related: //div[has-class("tl_blog_bottom_blog")]
# <h4>: $related//a[has-class("side_blog_header")]
# <related>: $related
# @append_to($body)
----- Variante of related ------
$related: //div[has-class("article__related")]
<related>: $related//a[has-class("article-card__link")]
<related>: $related
# For showing multiple author (code from .vhs user in the Instant View group chat). You must adapt it depending of the site
@append(<div>): $head
$authors_el: $@
$authors: $meta[@name="author"]
$authors?: $meta[@name="article:author"]
@append_to($authors_el): $authors
@before(", ")
@remove: ($@)[1]
@before(@content): $authors
author: $authors_el
----- A variant of multiple authors with @map -------
$single: //div[has-class("content-authors-group")]//a[@rel="author"]/span[@itemprop="name"]
@prepend(<authors>): //div[has-class("content-authors-group")]
@map($single) {
$author: $@
@append_to(//authors): $author/text()
@after("- ")
@replace("[\r\n]+",""): //authors
author: //authors/text()
----- Another variant for showing multiples authors --------
@prepend(<auteurs>): /html
@prepend_to(//auteurs): //div[has-class("article__inline-sidebar__mobile")]//p[has-class("article__body__author-name")]/a
@combine(", "): //auteurs/a/next-sibling::a
author: //auteurs/a
# To use a video inside a div (vimeo in this case) and putting it in cover
@html_to_dom: //div[has-class("video__embed")]/@data-html
cover: $@/iframe
# To use the json to dom function to extract json value
@json_to_xml: //script[@data-type="application/ld+json"]
$data: $@//datePublished/text()
published_date: $data
# For using sibling and others stuff

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@skmohammadi skmohammadi commented Mar 5, 2019

Hi Houssen.
thanks for your codes. it saved me.
i some cases empty paragraphs exist in html.
how can i remove this blank paragraphs?

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