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Deploy Hexo blog using Travis.
# Deploy hexo site by travis-ci
# 1. Copy this file to the root of your repository, then rename it to '.travis.yml'
# 2. Replace 'YOUR NAME' and 'YOUR EMAIL' at line 29
# 3. Add an Environment Variable 'DEPLOY_REPO'
# 1. Generate github access token on
# 2. Add an Environment Variable on{github username}/{repository name}/settings/env_vars
# Variable Name: DEPLOY_REPO
# Variable Value: https://{githb access token}{github username}/{repository name}.git
# Example: DEPLOY_REPO=
# 4. Make sure Travis is configured to hide your Variable, else others will see your access token and can mess with all your repos.
language: node_js
# Every once in a while this should be bumped up
- "6"
# Only create a new version on pushes to certain branches.
- master
- npm install -g hexo
- npm install
# Notice: Replace 'YOUR NAME' and 'YOUR EMAIL'
- git config --global 'Travis'
- git config --global ''
# - git clone git:// themes/modernist
# Maybe add minification scripts here
- hexo generate
- mkdir .deploy # Create a folder to use for teh pages branch
- cd .deploy
- git clone --depth 1 --branch gh-pages --single-branch $DEPLOY_REPO . || (git init && git remote add -t gh-pages origin $DEPLOY_REPO)
- rm -rf ./* # Clear old verion
- cp -r ../public/* . # Copy over files for new version
- git add -A .
- git commit -m 'Site updated' # Make a new commit for new version
- git branch -m gh-pages
- git push -q -u origin gh-pages # Push silently so we don't leak information
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