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Afuse sshfs automounter (/usr/sbin/mount.afuse)
# afuse-sshfs mount helper to automatically mount remote machines.
# It is intended to be used as mount.afuse in command line. F.e. in /etc/fstab you may mount directory like:
# afuse# /mnt/remote afuse auto 0 0
# And then as regular user just do:
# $ cd /mnt/remote/
# and folder /mnt/remote/ will be mounted automatically!
# On Mac some also recommend add defer_permissions,noappledouble mount options.
# Mount under user and group which are owners of mount point
su -l $( ls -dl "$2" | cut -d' ' -f3) -c "afuse -o mount_template='sshfs -o reconnect -o auto_cache -o kernel_cache %r:/ %m' -o unmount_template='fusermount -u -z %m' -o auto_unmount '$2'"
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Hubbitus commented Feb 11, 2017

Habrahabr post on Russian about this gist file helper:

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vonpupp commented Mar 4, 2019

@Hubbitus, who should the the owner and group of the /mnt/remote folder? Do you use a group for the users that are able to use afuse? Thanks.

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Hubbitus commented Aug 8, 2021

@vonpupp, user, who will use it. Automount script will automatically get owner user from directory and run mount under he.

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