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@HugoPoi HugoPoi/madplay.conf
Last active Jan 28, 2017

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iot failed to secure things, today i choose to pilote my thing with a file injected in a shell script running as root|-20
while true; do
conf=$(wget -q -O -
streamadr=$(echo $conf | cut -f1 -d\|)
volume=$(echo $conf | cut -f2 -d\|)
echo $streamadr
echo $volume
if [[ -z $streamadr ]];
then killall madplay;
else madplay_process_id=$(pidof madplay)
if [[ -z $madplay_process_id ]]; then
wget -q -O - $streamadr | madplay -a $volume - &
echo "Wait for 10 seconds"
sleep 10
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