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Hugoberry / rtlcompress.c
Created Feb 22, 2020 — forked from odzhan/rtlcompress.c
Compression using NT Layer DLL API
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BSD 3-Clause License
Copyright (c) 2019 Odzhan. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
Hugoberry / .gitattributes
Created Feb 11, 2020 — forked from SeanSobey/.gitattributes
Git to diff zip (or any compressed) files. See this ( article.
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*[7z,.xz,.bzip2,.gzip,.tar,.zip,.wim,.ar,.arj,.cab,.chm,.cpio,.cramfs,.dmg,.ext,.fat,.gpt,.hfs,.ihex,.iso,.lzh,.lzma,.mbr,.msi,.nsis,.ntfs,.qcow2,.rar,.rpm,.squashfs,.udf,.uefi,.vdi,.vhd,.vmdk,.wim,.xar,.z] diff=archive
Hugoberry / CreateAzureBLOBusingPowershell
Last active Sep 16, 2019 — forked from jamiekt/CreateAzureBLOBusingPowershell
List Azure File Shared Storage using the REST API and Powershell
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$method = "GET"
$headerDate = '2017-04-17'
$headers = @{"x-ms-version"="$headerDate"}
$StorageAccountName = "<your account name>"
$StorageAccountKey = "<your account key>"
$Url = "https://$"
$xmsdate = (get-date -format r).ToString()
$signatureString = "$method$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$contentLength$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)$([char]10)"
Hugoberry / watchdog.ps1
Created Aug 21, 2019 — forked from ptman/watchdog.ps1
SuperMicro IPMI Watchdog for Windows
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# coding: utf-8
# vim: set ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 si ai et ft=powershell:
# Copyright (c) 2013, ZenRobotics Ltd.
# author: Paul Tötterman <>
# Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any
# purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
# copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.
Hugoberry / gist:9561e5a41473ce19ca282a0e5e6cc1c6
Created Oct 16, 2018 — forked from sean3z/gist:b6426ed9dae521c4b56948ce2c6062b1
AB Benchmark Node.js (via Restify) - 10,000 requests (10 concurrent)
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D:\www\apache-2.4.25\bin>ab.exe -n 10000 -c 10 http://localhost:8080/
This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 <$Revision: 1757674 $>
Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd,
Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation,
Benchmarking localhost (be patient)
Server Software:
Server Hostname: localhost
Server Port: 8080
Hugoberry / .block
Created Sep 13, 2018 — forked from micahstubbs/.block
Sankey Particles | d3v4 & es2015+
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border: no
license: Apache-2.0
Hugoberry /
Last active Sep 13, 2018 — forked from 1wheel/

Rough draft of this chart.

We started out with a SVG animation, tried out Elijah's canvas sankey particles and ended up rewriting in regl to get more dots on the screen.

The final version gets better performance by passing in array of attibutes to the vertex shader - I'm not sure why that is.

Update: Ricky Reusser points out that I was creating a new array of points every frame with:

attributes: {x: () => => d.x)}

View Power BI Sparkline Line.DAX
Sparkline Line =
// Static line color
VAR LineColor = "#01B8AA"
// "Date" field used in this example along the X axis
VAR XMinDate = MIN('Table'[Date])
VAR XMaxDate = MAX('Table'[Date])
// Obtain overall min and overall max measure values when evaluated for each date
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var x="&x&";
var y=new RegExp('"&y&"','g');
var b=x.match(y);
Hugoberry / Function.CurryN.pq
Created Mar 23, 2018
[Power Query] function curry with up to N levels and maintaining function signature types
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Function.CurryN = (function as function, optional N) =>
functionType = Value.Type(function),
parameters = Type.FunctionParameters(functionType),
minCount = Type.FunctionRequiredParameters(functionType),
arity = Record.FieldCount(parameters),
pos = if N = null then arity else N,
Apply = (args) =>
idx = List.Count(args)
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