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hey :)

Kent Hum4n01d

hey :)
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Hum4n01d / AddCurrentTrackToLibrary.scpt
Created January 23, 2021 07:02
Add the currently playing track to your Apple Music library
tell application "System Events"
tell process "Music"
perform action "AXRaise" of window 1
tell menu bar 1
tell menu bar item "Window"
tell menu "Window"
click menu item "Switch to MiniPlayer"
end tell
end tell
Hum4n01d / votes.js
Created August 28, 2018 01:55
Repost Suggestions 8/27/18
[ { title: 'Heatwave by T.C. Music',
url: '',
votes: 15,
message: '',
suggester: 'JL Music#6361' },
{ title: 'the oxygen project — Retroflex by Frontier.',
url: '',
votes: 14,
message: '',
suggester: 'JL Music#6361' },
[{"name":"Rhetoric 11","id":"955331"},{"name":"Appeals 11","id":"955338"},{"name":"Rhetorical Devices: Syntactical Terms","id":"955305"},{"name":"Rhetorical Devices: Figures of Speech","id":"955307"},{"name":"Rhetorical and Literary Devices","id":"955328"},{"name":"Audience and Purpose 11","id":"955311"},{"name":"Types of Evidence 11","id":"955321"},{"name":"Word Meanings and Nuances 11","id":"955344"},{"name":"Central Idea and Development","id":"955347"},{"name":"Tone 11","id":"955335"},{"name":"Argument Structure 11","id":"955310"},{"name":"Embedding Quotations 11","id":"955326"},{"name":"Logic","id":"955313"},{"name":"Conventions of English 11","id":"955348"},{"name":"Essay Structure 11","id":"955342"},{"name":"Sourcing","id":"955333"},{"name":"Reading Strategies 11","id":"955322"},{"name":"Sentence Types","id":"955303"},{"name":"Punctuation 11","id":"955324"},{"name":"Knowledge of Words 11","id":"955316"},{"name":"Rhetoric 11","id":"955331"},{"name":"Appeals 11","id":"955338"},{"name":"Rhetorical Devices:
const bookshelf = require('../bookshelf')
const Definition = bookshelf.Model.extend({
tableName: 'definitions'
const Player = bookshelf.Model.extend({
tableName: 'players',
game: () => this.belongsTo(Game, '')
[{"id":1,"name":"Lime Cordial - Roses","price":"$5.31"},
{"id":2,"name":"Roe - Lump Fish, Red","price":"$6.55"},
{"id":3,"name":"Hersey Shakes","price":"$2.89"},
{"id":4,"name":"V8 Splash Strawberry Kiwi","price":"$1.92"},
{"id":5,"name":"Cheese - Pont Couvert","price":"$6.83"},
{"id":7,"name":"Chinese Foods - Pepper Beef","price":"$8.39"},
{"id":8,"name":"Daikon Radish","price":"$1.36"},
{"id":9,"name":"Cheese - Grana Padano","price":"$9.06"},
{"id":10,"name":"Pork - Bacon, Sliced","price":"$7.48"},
Hum4n01d / plphack.js
Last active October 17, 2017 19:17
PLP Hack
const options = {
allGreen: {
className: 'success',
iconName: 'check',
classNameToRemove: 'danger'
allRed: {
className: 'danger',
iconName: 'clear',
classNameToRemove: 'success'
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Hum4n01d / webpack.config.js
Created July 24, 2017 15:58
Webpack config (electron externals)
const { resolve } = require('path')
const {HotModuleReplacementPlugin, NamedModulesPlugin, DefinePlugin} = require('webpack')
const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require('html-webpack-plugin')
const isDev = process.env.NODE_ENV != 'production'
const PORT = 5000
const buildFolder = 'build'
Hum4n01d / component.js
Last active July 11, 2017 18:35
Example component with styled-components and React
const Banner = styled.div`
margin: 10px;
background-color: papayawhip;
color: palevioletred;
padding: 20px;
text-align: center;
const Greet = ({name}) => (
<Banner>Hello {name}!</Banner>
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