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A Godot 4 shader to make things appear on top of other things within a range.
// A Godot 4 shader to make things appear on top of other things within a range.
// Initially, this was made so my characters' facial features would be rendered on top of their hair.
shader_type spatial;
render_mode unshaded;
// Depth buffer management. This HAS to match your camera's settings or it won't work!
// You can also make them global in the project settings
uniform float z_near = 0.1;
uniform float z_far = 500.0;
uniform sampler2D depth_texture : hint_depth_texture, repeat_disable, filter_nearest;
// Maximum depth we can overdraw relative to the object original depth, in ENGINE UNITS.
// For example, if overdraw_depth_limit = 0.2 and the original depth of the object is 1,
// the object will be drawn on top of everything that as a depth between 1.0 and 1.2
uniform float overdraw_depth_limit : hint_range(0.0, 1.0) = 0.005;
// Function taken from stackoverflow :
float linearize(float depth) {
return z_near * z_far / (z_far + depth * (z_near - z_far));
void fragment() {
// Get the depth difference between the object we want to overdraw and the other objects
float screen_depth = textureLod(depth_texture, SCREEN_UV, 0.0).r;
float fragment_depth = FRAGCOORD.z;
float depth_delta = fragment_depth - screen_depth;
// Convert to engine units
float l_screen_depth = linearize(screen_depth);
float l_fragment_depth = linearize(fragment_depth);
float l_depth_delta = l_fragment_depth - l_screen_depth;
DEPTH = fragment_depth; // Set DEPTH default value
if (l_depth_delta > 0.0 && l_depth_delta < overdraw_depth_limit) { // Fragment is behind geometry, but in the overdraw zone
DEPTH = screen_depth - depth_delta; // Skip the inverse linearize operation and reuse the screen depth directly. That's a bit hacky though.
// Change the rest to suit your needs
ALBEDO = vec3(0.01);
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