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Last active May 10, 2021
Serverless Lifecycle Cheat Sheet

Serverless plugin author's cheat sheet

This cheat sheet provides a detailed overview of the exposed lifecycle events and available commands (and entrypoints) of the Serverless framework, that can be hooked by plugins (internal and external ones). The document is structured by the commands invoked by the user.

Lifecycle events are shown as the globally available outer events (all providers) and sub lifecycle events that are provider specific in the called order. Currently only the AWS provider is shown. If you have information about the other provider,

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Last active Mar 20, 2021
Serverless - Package/Deploy plugin lifecycle changes


Currently the Serverless framework only offers lifecycle events that are bound to commands and also are very coarse. Each core plugin only exposes the events that are defined by the framework. This is suboptimal for plugin authors as they want to hook special events within the deployment process.

The PR adds fine grained lifecycles to the AWS deployment process (see below for the current implementation process) and makes the package/deploy plugin implementation non-breaking.