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How web apps work
1. Write an analogy to describe the relationship between clients and servers.
The simple is a client request and server response.
Let's think we are in a restaurant.
We are customers(client), we find the menu and then place the order.
Then the waiter takes the order and goes to the kitchen(server) to deliver the order.
The order is then cooked and brought back to the customer.
This series of processes can be seen as the appearance of the client and the server.
And in this process, the client sees the food, but the process of making the food is not seen.
This cooking process is only visible on the server and the client sees the result.
2. Draw a diagram of the request/response cycle.
You can draw your diagram by hand and take a photo to add to your Gist, or try out a diagramming tool like Google Drawings or LucidChart (be sure to sign up for the free tier!).

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@HyunwooMoon-developer HyunwooMoon-developer commented Nov 22, 2020

diagram of the request and response cycle-hyunwoomoon

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