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Mathias R. Jessen IISResetMe

  • Netherlands
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View Ping-Forever.ps1
# Ping-Forever.ps1
# Modified version of alexinnes/ConstantPingToServer.ps1 (
[string]$LogDirectory = 'C:\ping logs\'
IISResetMe / simplefilterparser.ps1
Created Aug 4, 2015
Very frail PowerShell string-filter parser
View simplefilterparser.ps1
function Parse-SimpleFilter {
$err = @() # TODO inspect parsing errors
$Tokens = [System.Management.Automation.PSParser]::Tokenize($Filter,[ref]$err)
$Elements = foreach($t in $Tokens){
([System.Management.Automation.PSTokenType]::Command) {
'$_.{0}' -f $t.Content
IISResetMe / nullcoalesce.ps1
Last active Aug 29, 2015
C#-style Null Coalesce (??) operator
View nullcoalesce.ps1
function ?? {
$args |Select-Object -First 1
# Use like:
# $Name = ?? (Get-ADUser $_ | Select-Object -Expand Name) "John Doe"
# supports as many fallthroughs as you like (like chained ?? in C#)
# $Something ?? $null $null $null 1
# ($Something -eq 1) is now the case
View Measure-Lines.ps1
function Measure-Lines {
param($Path = 'C:\log.txt')
$FileStream = New-Object IO.FileStream ($Path,[System.IO.FileMode]::Open,[System.IO.FileAccess]::Read,[System.IO.FileShare]::ReadWrite)
$StreamReader = New-Object System.IO.StreamReader $FileStream
$TotalLines = 0
while($StreamReader.ReadLine() -ne $null){
IISResetMe / SGSept2015.ps1
Last active Sep 5, 2015
2015 Scripting Games - September puzzle
View SGSept2015.ps1
# Most straighforward way I can think of
# 2 pairs of curly braces and a single semicolon for the calculated OSVERSION property
Import-Csv .\input.csv |Select-Object -Property MACHINENAME,@{Label='OSVERSION';Expression={(Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem -ComputerName $_.MACHINENAME).Caption}} | Export-Csv .\output.csv -NoTypeInformation
IISResetMe / objects.ps1
Created Sep 16, 2015
Offline comments for Richard Siddaway's Objective: Objects talk @ PSHSummit
View objects.ps1
#region new()
# new() works not only on PS Classes, but wraps existing .NET ctors as well:
#region Add-Type
#region Access modifiers
IISResetMe / Split-VMName.ps1
Created Nov 12, 2015
2015 Scripting games puzzle, November
View Split-VMName.ps1
# Trim whitepsace on input string,
# then split at commas (surrounded by 0 or more whitespace chars on each side)
$VMNameStr.Trim() -split "\s*,\s*"
IISResetMe / escapewildcard.ps1
Created Nov 15, 2015
Manually escape wildcards
View escapewildcard.ps1
gci Test*|select @{Name="Path";Expression={[regex]::Replace($_.FullName,"\[|\]|\*|\?",{'`{0}'-f$args[0]})}}|gci -Recurse
IISResetMe / eDellRoot.ps1
Created Nov 23, 2015
Do you trust eDellRoot? Find out with this one-liner!
View eDellRoot.ps1
if((New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2 (,[byte[]]@(45,45,45,45,45,66,69,71,73,78,32,67,69,82,84,73,70,73,67,65,84,69,45,45,45,45,45,10,77,73,73,67,56,122,67,67,65,100,43,103,65,119,73,66,65,103,73,81,97,56,86,55,108,82,105,84,113,112,100,76,89,107,114,65,105,80,119,55,116,106,65,74,66,103,85,114,68,103,77,67,72,81,85,65,77,66,81,120,69,106,65,81,10,66,103,78,86,66,65,77,84,67,87,86,69,90,87,120,115,85,109,57,118,100,68,65,101,70,119,48,120,78,84,65,48,77,68,99,120,77,68,73,122,77,106,100,97,70,119,48,122,79,84,69,121,77,122,69,121,77,122,85,53,78,84,108,97,10,77,66,81,120,69,106,65,81,66,103,78,86,66,65,77,84,67,87,86,69,90,87,120,115,85,109,57,118,100,68,67,67,65,83,73,119,68,81,89,74,75,111,90,73,104,118,99,78,65,81,69,66,66,81,65,68,103,103,69,80,65,68,67,67,10,65,81,111,67,103,103,69,66,65,76,51,82,74,103,49,117,122,86,117,69,88,48,72,119,52,88,87,71,122,115,54,111,73,57,87,43,111,55,72,90,100,86,100,66,77,77,86,98,52,71,122,98,52,117,90,106,67,84,78,106,98,80,120,52
IISResetMe / Get-AST.ps1
Created Dec 1, 2015
PowerShell can parse itself just fine
View Get-AST.ps1
function Get-AST
foreach($Script in $InputObject){
$Tokens = $Errors = @()
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