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Mathias R. Jessen IISResetMe

  • Netherlands
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View Get-WebExceptionBody.ps1
function Get-WebExceptionBody
if(-not $PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('Last')){
$Last = 1
View Test-WebRequest.class.ps1
using namespace System
using namespace System.Net
using namespace System.Text
using namespace System.IO
class Test
# Specify the URL to receive the request.
static Run([string[]]$arguments)
IISResetMe / gist:e0c20ce4fdbab7e19a75255e9d4787d1
Created Nov 26, 2019
Signing XML documents with PowerShell
View gist:e0c20ce4fdbab7e19a75255e9d4787d1
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Security
function Sign-XML {
Param ( [xml]$xml, [System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2]$certificate )
[System.Security.Cryptography.xml.SignedXml]$signedXml = $NULL
$signedXml = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.Xml.SignedXml -ArgumentList $xml
$signedXml.SigningKey = $certificate.PrivateKey
$keyInfo = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.Xml.KeyInfo
View CustomSortedDictionary.ps1
using namespace System.Collections.Generic
# First we define our comparer
class SortPropertyFirstComparer : IComparer[string]
if($a -ceq 'Property'){
return -1
View MeasureStringAdd.ps1
# download and install
Import-Module MeasureScript
Measure-Script -ScriptBlock {# use a stopwatch to measure performance
$stopwatch = [System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch]::StartNew()
# create a StringBuilder
$text = ""
# appending a string often
View not_so_speedy_string_concat.ps1
Add-Type @'
public struct StringWrapper
string s;
public StringWrapper(string s){ this.s = s; }
public void Add(string suffix)
s += suffix;
IISResetMe / OleReader.cs
Created Nov 8, 2019
Naive OLE file header parser based on inline AAF spec comments from olefile
View OleReader.cs
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
public class OleReader
public OleReader(string filename, long offset = 0L)
if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(filename))
View MergeObjectCommand.cs
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Management.Automation;
namespace MyCmdlets
[Cmdlet(VerbsData.Merge, "Object")]
public class MergeObjectCommand : PSCmdlet
[Parameter(ValueFromPipeline = true, Mandatory = true)]
View Update-ADPassword.ps1
function Update-ADPassword
[string]$Domain = $env:USERDOMAIN
try {
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement
$ctx = [System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalContext]::new('Domain', $Domain)
$acc = [System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal]::FindByIdentity($ctx, ($currCred = Get-Credential -Message 'Input your current credentials').UserName)
View Test-PSCache.ps1
Import-Module PSCache
# Define fetcher
$Fetcher = {
# Emulate a potentially slow operation
Start-Sleep -Milliseconds (Get-Random -Minimum 15 -Maximum 30)
# Return an object corresponding to $_
ID = $_
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