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Created Aug 31, 2016
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[CTF(x) 2016 : WEB] Harambehub – 100 pts
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
* Created by aashish on 8/26/16.
public class User {
static List<User> users = new ArrayList<>();
private String username;
private String master;
private String realName;
public User(String username, String password, String realName) {
this.username = username;
this.master = password;
this.realName = realName;
public String getRealName() {
return this.realName;
public boolean verify(String username, String password) {
return this.username.equals(username) && this.master.matches(password);
public String getUsername() {
return username;
public String toString() {
return username;
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