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Here are some terms to mute on Twitter to clean your timeline up a bit.
Mute these words in your settings here:
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orbitalflower commented Jul 6, 2023

Short answer: This mute list does not work, and has never worked. TylerBussell confirmed as much three years ago.

This has come up several times in the past. We made some changes to the timeline settings + someone released a JS plugin that did some blocking, so it caused some confusion and people thought muting via keyword mute did something.

Long version:

Prior to the July 2019 redesign of Twitter, these keywords appeared in CSS class names. You could write custom CSS to block these elements using a browser plugin like Stylus or an adblocker. Around 6 May 2017, Twitter started putting other user's Likes to users' timelines, resulting in people writing adblocker rules like this one and this one to block them. Rules would similarly be created to block promoted tweets, like this one.

At some point, someone misunderstood that this would work if you simply added the keyword to Twitter's mute list. The earliest example I can find is this Japanese tweet dated 18 July 2017, where the author claims that it works. This idea quickly spread through Japanese Twitter, and by the end of July it began to appear in English tweets. Even then, people were noticing that it didn't really work, like this tweet. The list of keywords grew as people discovered more CSS class names for unwanted Tweet types and added them to the mute lists, which spread virally on Twitter.

When the new Twitter landed in July 2019, there was an increase in demand to get rid of new junk, and so you saw articles like this one on 1 August 2019. There was now a long list of CSS class names, but new Twitter no longer even used those class names. By the time twittermute.txt was posted above in 2020, Twitter had long retired the version of web Twitter which used these keywords. Even if it had worked back then, it would not work in current Twitter.

People who report that it does work are falling prey to the placebo effect. Advertising and junk is actually removed in the short term by either refreshing the page or switching to the Latest timeline. Notice how earlier people in this thread are suggesting both of these solutions in addition to the mutelist. Several users for whom it originally appeared to work, later complained that it stopped working, which is consistent with the idea that refreshing the page alone is effective, and the mutelist does nothing.

The script which people are helpfully trying to fix does nothing but add these useless keywords to the mute list.

To be clear, if you're discovering this thread in 2023 or later, absolutely nothing in this thread is a correct system for removing the junk from Twitter. The mutelist does nothing, the script does nothing. The whole thing is a superstition.

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abandon-the-flesh commented Jul 6, 2023

Short answer: This mute list does not work, and has never worked. TylerBussell confirmed as much three years ago.

Thank you for explaining that the word contents within the script do nothing. However, I'm simply trying to get the script itself to work to auto-add muted words other than the contents within the script, such as #ad, and adult/crypto related terms. Unless (like you said) I am going through some kind of placebo effect, or misremembering something, this script was applying new words to my muted list, and that is all I am looking for assistance with at this time.

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Hey, I know it's sound like an ad, but I had the exact same issue and wanted to add lists of muted words because for some reasons Twitter only allow to add them one by one...
I created a small browser extension where you can enter a URL from github gist or pastebin and automatically add dozens of muted words. Check it if you want to (beta)test, I'm the only user right now and need some feedback ^^

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I can confirm this works on chrome! I I do recall getting caught up with a maximum number of words I could mute which is unfortunate. For now I finished adding my list manually, but I just thought I'd mention this to you and hope it looks for duplicates. Hope it works for Firefox eventually

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Glad to hear it.

As far as the limit is concerned, it does exist within Twitter, which is a bit impractical...

As soon as I have a bit of time I'll start converting the Firefox extension. For the moment, simply transferring from one to the other doesn't work and will require a few adjustments.

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Mozilla just approved the plugin

Need some tests because I had to change some key elements in it...

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