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  • Head to the confluent directory, prep
    • cd /Users/Ian/Downloads/confluent-3.3.0
    • export PATH=/Users/Ian/Downloads/confluent-3.3.0/bin:$PATH
  • Start up the relevant Confluent stuff
    • clear && ./bin/connect-standalone ./etc/schema-registry/ ./etc/kafka-connect-jdbc/
  • Run your standalone connector
    • clear && ./bin/connect-standalone ./etc/schema-registry/ ./etc/kafka-connect-jdbc/
  • Wait a minute or two for the connector to get up & running
  • You can run a console consumer just to see if there's stuff in the topic
    • --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --topic test-dors-jdbc-v_reg_total --from-beginning
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"text": "Hi there, new person! Some tips now that you've joined this fantastic Slack.\n• Introduce yourself on #general so that we can say Hi.\n• Check out our growing Channel list. Big ones will be #code-people, #net-people or #web-people. #random is good for...randomness.\n• If you’re an IT manager & want to talk people-skill stuff, ask @codyh for an invite to #people-people\n• Channels are free. Create one if you want to talk about some topic! Let us know about the new channel in #general\n• Fill out your profile with where you work/what you do\n •"
IanWhitney /
Last active May 28, 2017
Testing the removal of the single-column etl_audit_id indexes in FAC_CR tables

Testing the removal of the the single-column index E_AUDITS_F_CR_DA_FK_1 because the column it indexes etl_audit_id is also the first column in a multi-column index.


select * from fac_cr_degree_applicable where etl_audit_id = '13869193';

With the single-column index on, the single-column index is used and the cost is 3.

With the single-column index disabled, the multi-column indexx is used and the cost is 3.

IanWhitney / faculty_roles.sql
Last active Mar 1, 2017
To satisfy INC1581454.
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I am preparing a communication to send out to graduate faculty in the following colleges:
Would it be possible to query the Faculty Role List database to get a list of graduate faculty from the above colleges including
active faculty, name, program (college), and email address?
IanWhitney / classify_jobs.rb
Last active May 9, 2017
sidekiq job classification
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def classify_jobs(queue = 'default')
hsh ={|hsh, key| hsh[key] = 0} do |j|
hsh[j.klass] += 1
puts hsh if hsh.values.any?(&:present?)
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module DataViews
def self.root
@root ||= File.expand_path(File.join("..", ".."), __FILE__)
def self.environment
@environment ||= Rails.env || "development"
def self.environment=(other)
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Empty board
Board comparison
Can't occupy same space
View multi_role_registry.rb
# Referenced in Design Is Refactoring post
# This code takes the previous example and extends it. Classes can now define 'roles' they satisfy
# and each class can satisfy more than one role.
# At load time, these roles are examined and recorded in registries.
# In this example there's a CampusLikeRegistry that contains every class that says it's campus-like.
# But you could have any number of registries.
require 'singleton'
require 'forwardable'
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