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Control servo position and read distance sensor using GUI.
from gpiozero import Servo, DistanceSensor
from guizero import App, Box, Text, PushButton, Slider
from time import sleep
servo = Servo(17, 0, 0.0005, 0.0025)
sensor = DistanceSensor(echo=18, trigger=27)
def ServoPosition(slider_value):
servo.value = int(slider_value) / 90
def my_user_task():
print("Distance: {0:.2f}cm".format(sensor.distance * 100))
reading_text.value = "{0:.2f}".format(sensor.distance * 100)
app = App(title="Servo GUI", width=350, height=150, layout="auto")
instruction_text = Text(app, text="Drag slider below to control servo position.")
instruction_text.repeat(1000, my_user_task)
servo_position = Slider(app, command=ServoPosition, start=-90, end=90, width='fill')
distance_text = Text(app, text="Distance (cm):")
reading_text = Text(app, text="---")
designby_text = Text(app, text="Idris - Cytron Technologies", align='bottom')
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