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Controlling Maker Drive using Raspberry Pi. This sample code is using pigpio library and pigpio daemon.
from gpiozero import LED, Button, Buzzer
import pigpio
from time import sleep
pi = pigpio.pi()
sw1 = Button(21)
sw2 = Button(16)
sw3 = Button(20)
buzzer = Buzzer(26)
M1A = 17
M1B = 18
M2A = 27
M2B = 22
pi.set_mode(M1A, pigpio.OUTPUT)
pi.set_mode(M1B, pigpio.OUTPUT)
pi.set_mode(M2A, pigpio.OUTPUT)
pi.set_mode(M2B, pigpio.OUTPUT)
def motorSpeed(speedLeft, speedRight):
if speedLeft > 0:
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M2A, speedLeft)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M2B, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M2A, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M2B, abs(speedLeft))
if speedRight > 0:
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M1A, speedRight)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M1B, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M1A, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M1B, abs(speedRight))
def sw1Pressed():
motorSpeed(200, 200)
def sw2Pressed():
motorSpeed(-100, -100)
def sw3Pressed():
motorSpeed(0, 0)
sw1.when_pressed = sw1Pressed
sw2.when_pressed = sw2Pressed
sw3.when_pressed = sw3Pressed
motorSpeed(0, 0)
buzzer.beep(0.1, 0.1, 1)
while True:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M1A, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M1B, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M2A, 0)
pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(M2B, 0)
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