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Xmas Gift Exchange
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import random
def getRandomPerson(ppl):
return ppl[random.randint(0,len(ppl)-1)]
def good_pair(ignore_ppl, chosen1, chosen2):
for pair in ignore_ppl:
if chosen1 in pair and chosen2 in pair:
return False
return True
ppl = ['x', 'y', 'z', 'a', 'b', 'c']
ignore_ppl = [['x', 'y'],['x', 'c']]
#Ja lasa failu no stdin
#ppl = [line.strip() for line in open(str(sys.argv[1]))]
#ignore_ppl = [line.split() for line in open(str(sys.argv[2]))]
result = []
while len(ppl) > 0:
chosen = getRandomPerson(ppl)
while result and not good_pair(ignore_ppl, chosen, result[len(result) - 1]):
chosen = getRandomPerson(ppl)
for i in range(0, len(result)):
if i is len(result) - 1:
print(result[i] + " dāvina dāvanu " + result[0])
print(result[i] + " dāvina dāvanu " + result[i+1])
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