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Created January 30, 2021 15:49
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Get Most Common Element in Array
var colorArray = ["blue", "white", "yellow", "red","blue", "white", "yellow", "red","blue", "white", "yellow", "red","blue", "white", "yellow", "red","blue", "white", "yellow", "red","yellow", "red","yellow", "red","yellow", "red", "red"]
func getMostColor(input: [String]) -> String{
var topColor: String = ""
var colorDict: [String:Int] = [:]
for color in input{
colorDict[color, default:0]+=1
let highestValues = colorDict.values.max()
for (color, count) in colorDict{
if colorDict[color] == highestValues{
topColor = color
return topColor
getMostColor(input: colorArray)
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