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Python B-Trees
class BTreeNode(object):
"""A B-Tree Node.
leaf : boolean, determines whether this node is a leaf.
keys : list, a list of keys internal to this node
c : list, a list of children of this node
def __init__(self, leaf=False):
self.leaf = leaf
self.keys = []
self.c = []
def __str__(self):
if self.leaf:
return "Leaf BTreeNode with {0} keys\n\tK:{1}\n\tC:{2}\n".format(len(self.keys), self.keys, self.c)
return "Internal BTreeNode with {0} keys, {1} children\n\tK:{2}\n\n".format(len(self.keys), len(self.c), self.keys, self.c)
class BTree(object):
def __init__(self, t):
self.root = BTreeNode(leaf=True)
self.t = t
def search(self, k, x=None):
"""Search the B-Tree for the key k.
k : Key to search for
x : (optional) Node at which to begin search. Can be None, in which case the entire tree is searched.
if isinstance(x, BTreeNode):
i = 0
while i < len(x.keys) and k > x.keys[i]: # look for index of k
i += 1
if i < len(x.keys) and k == x.keys[i]: # found exact match
return (x, i)
elif x.leaf: # no match in keys, and is leaf ==> no match exists
return None
else: # search children
return, x.c[i])
else: # no node provided, search root of tree
return, self.root)
def insert(self, k):
r = self.root
if len(r.keys) == (2*self.t) - 1: # keys are full, so we must split
s = BTreeNode()
self.root = s
s.c.insert(0, r) # former root is now 0th child of new root s
self._split_child(s, 0)
self._insert_nonfull(s, k)
self._insert_nonfull(r, k)
def _insert_nonfull(self, x, k):
i = len(x.keys) - 1
if x.leaf:
# insert a key
while i >= 0 and k < x.keys[i]:
x.keys[i+1] = x.keys[i]
i -= 1
x.keys[i+1] = k
# insert a child
while i >= 0 and k < x.keys[i]:
i -= 1
i += 1
if len(x.c[i].keys) == (2*self.t) - 1:
self._split_child(x, i)
if k > x.keys[i]:
i += 1
self._insert_nonfull(x.c[i], k)
def _split_child(self, x, i):
t = self.t
y = x.c[i]
z = BTreeNode(leaf=y.leaf)
# slide all children of x to the right and insert z at i+1.
x.c.insert(i+1, z)
x.keys.insert(i, y.keys[t-1])
# keys of z are t to 2t - 1,
# y is then 0 to t-2
z.keys = y.keys[t:(2*t - 1)]
y.keys = y.keys[0:(t-1)]
# children of z are t to 2t els of y.c
if not y.leaf:
z.c = y.c[t:(2*t)]
y.c = y.c[0:(t-1)]
def __str__(self):
r = self.root
return r.__str__() + '\n'.join([child.__str__() for child in r.c])
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