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Always Be Coding
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# Full text search
[hendry@t480s 5xx]$ cat
aws --profile uneet-dev logs filter-log-events --log-group-name bugzilla --start-time $(date -d "-1 hour" +%s000) \
--filter-pattern '"apex/ping/v1.0"'
# (faster) Query on a JSON structured log
[hendry@t480s 5xx]$ cat
aws --profile uneet-demo logs filter-log-events --log-group-name "/aws/lambda/alambda_simple" --start-time $(date -d "-8
CMCDragonkai /
Last active Jan 30, 2022
Rust: Function Composition (Rust 1.9 nightly) (credit to
// function composition is not part of the standard library
// see discussion here:
fn main() {
// works on top-level functions, the 'a lifetime is static
// we need debugging display since we're displaying the Option monad, a wrapped type
println!("{:?}", compose(convert_string_to_float, double_float)(Some("2".to_string())));
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//Accepts a date string and returns a date string formatted for Kendo DatePickers
function dateForKendo(date) {
return kendo.toString(kendo.parseDate(date), 'MM/dd/yyyy');