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get the value of a specific query item within NSURL
extension NSURL {
func getQueryItemValueForKey(key: String) -> String? {
guard let components = NSURLComponents(URL: self, resolvingAgainstBaseURL: false) else {
return nil
guard let queryItems = components.queryItems else { return nil }
return queryItems.filter {
$ == key
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vinod1879 commented May 10, 2016

This will fail if the query-param key has a case mismatch.
I would suggest improving it to:
$ == key.lowercaseString

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InsertNetan commented Jun 24, 2016

I don't know if you always want a case insensitive check for your keys.
you can add extra parameter with a default value for case sensitive/insensitive check.
func getQueryItemValueForKey(key: String, isCasesensitive casesensitive: Bool = false ) -> String?
and apply the correct logic in the body of the function

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danipralea commented Dec 23, 2016

very nice. thanks!

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