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IonutBajescu /
Last active Oct 4, 2018
List of Musicality Resources for Swing Dancers

List of Musicality Resources for Swing Dancers

If you are a swing dancer and ever wanted to delve into musicality, you know how painful it can be. Google and YouTube searches tend to result in only a couple of results, and half of those are little relevant to what you are looking for.

Reading List on Interpreting Swing Music

  • What is this thing called swing? Adaptation of Dan's class “musical structures” for dancers.
  • Swing this Music Comprehensive series of articles on musicality. Covers topics such as Having Swing, Basic Terminology, Identifying and Following the Beat, Recognising the 1, Recognising the Structure and Accent-Based Musicality. This resource will prove immensely useful if you also watch and listen to all the audio and videos files embedded into the articles.
  • Artistry in Rhythm 70
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Dump the laravel query builder as valid SQL
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