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Created Aug 3, 2020
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tiexin@Tiexins-MacBook-Pro ~ $ eksctl create cluster -n test --managed
[ℹ] eksctl version 0.24.0
[ℹ] using region eu-central-1
[ℹ] setting availability zones to [eu-central-1c eu-central-1b eu-central-1a]
[ℹ] subnets for eu-central-1c - public: private:
[ℹ] subnets for eu-central-1b - public: private:
[ℹ] subnets for eu-central-1a - public: private:
[ℹ] using Kubernetes version 1.16
[ℹ] creating EKS cluster "test" in "eu-central-1" region with managed nodes
[ℹ] will create 2 separate CloudFormation stacks for cluster itself and the initial managed nodegroup
[ℹ] if you encounter any issues, check CloudFormation console or try 'eksctl utils describe-stacks --region=eu-central-1 --cluster=test'
[ℹ] CloudWatch logging will not be enabled for cluster "test" in "eu-central-1"
[ℹ] you can enable it with 'eksctl utils update-cluster-logging --region=eu-central-1 --cluster=test'
[ℹ] Kubernetes API endpoint access will use default of {publicAccess=true, privateAccess=false} for cluster "test" in "eu-central-1"
[ℹ] 2 sequential tasks: { create cluster control plane "test", 2 sequential sub-tasks: { no tasks, create managed nodegroup "ng-fcd2db5e" } }
[ℹ] building cluster stack "eksctl-test-cluster"
[ℹ] deploying stack "eksctl-test-cluster"
[ℹ] building managed nodegroup stack "eksctl-test-nodegroup-ng-fcd2db5e"
[ℹ] deploying stack "eksctl-test-nodegroup-ng-fcd2db5e"
[ℹ] waiting for the control plane availability...
[✔] saved kubeconfig as "/Users/tiexin/.kube/config"
[ℹ] no tasks
[✔] all EKS cluster resources for "test" have been created
[ℹ] nodegroup "ng-fcd2db5e" has 2 node(s)
[ℹ] node "" is ready
[ℹ] node "" is ready
[ℹ] waiting for at least 2 node(s) to become ready in "ng-fcd2db5e"
[ℹ] nodegroup "ng-fcd2db5e" has 2 node(s)
[ℹ] node "" is ready
[ℹ] node "" is ready
[ℹ] kubectl command should work with "/Users/tiexin/.kube/config", try 'kubectl get nodes'
[✔] EKS cluster "test" in "eu-central-1" region is ready
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