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Lyle Mantooth IslandUsurper

  • @vpsinc
  • Pewee Valley, KY
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IslandUsurper / default.nix
Last active August 3, 2020 13:21
LBRY 0.45.1 Nix expression (WIP)
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sources = import ./nix/sources.nix;
pkgs = import sources.nixpkgs {};
pkgs.stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
pname = "lbry";
version = "0.45.1";
src = pkgs.fetchurl {
url = "${version}/LBRY_${version}.deb";
sha256 = "01qa9aqscb6y4p4i5kjn1vd6pfr08wb9062yc21nhndb9blka9pr";

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  • I am islandusurper on github.
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  • I have a public key ASAG0Zto9GNYzTvF6tgz6hLRhzKr8qU7nHTGvh8Ad5rU7wo

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IslandUsurper / example.xml
Created December 22, 2017 13:31
Rust and XML schema
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IslandUsurper /
Created September 19, 2016 17:17
Flatten an arbitrarily nested array
def flatten(items):
Flatten a nested list of integers.
Passing a non-list instead returns a list containing the argument.
if not isinstance(items, list):
return [items]
result = []
IslandUsurper / aws.yml
Last active June 15, 2016 18:06
Setting up VPC subnets
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- name: Create VPC
name: {{ Environment }}
state: present
tenancy: default
register: vpc
- name: Create Internet gateway
ec2_vpc_igw: vpc_id={{ }} state=present
IslandUsurper / gist:12723643dddc9315ff71
Created March 10, 2015 18:50
Behat Step to select an autocomplete suggestion
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use Behat\Mink\Extension\ElementNotFoundException;
use Drupal\DrupalExtension\Context\DrupalContext;
class FeatureContext extends DrupalContext {
* @When I select the first autocomplete option for :prefix on the :field field
IslandUsurper /
Created October 8, 2014 01:33
What can I do to prevent borrowing errors?
use std::io::{BufferedReader, File};
use std::num::FromStrRadix;
struct TreeNode<'a> {
value: uint,
left: Option<&'a TreeNode<'a>>,
right: Option<&'a TreeNode<'a>>,