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MLOps series #1 : Batch scoring with Mlflow Model (Mleap flavor) on Google Cloud Platform
rm -rf /tmp/mleap_python_model_export
mkdir /tmp/mleap_python_model_export
ls -la /tmp/mleap_python_model_export
#Serialize Model to Bundle
lrModel.serializeToBundle("jar:file:/tmp/mleap_python_model_export/", predictions)
ls -la /tmp/mleap_python_model_export/
dbutils.fs.cp("file:/tmp/mleap_python_model_export/", "dbfs:/example/")
#Deserialize Model to Bundle
deserializedPipeline = PipelineModel.deserializeFromBundle("jar:file:/tmp/mleap_python_model_export/")
exampleResults = deserializedPipeline.transform(abt_test)
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