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Logging of first packet's source IP.
# Adds first packet's source IP to conn.log.
redef record connection += {
first_pkt_src: addr &optional;
redef record Conn::Info += {
## Source address of the first packet.
first_pkt_src: addr &optional &log;
event new_connection(c: connection)
local hdr: raw_pkt_hdr = get_current_packet_header();
if ( hdr?$ip )
c$first_pkt_src = hdr$ip$src;
else if (hdr?$ip6 )
c$first_pkt_src = hdr$ip6$src;
event connection_state_remove(c: connection)
if ( c?$first_pkt_src )
c$conn$first_pkt_src = c$first_pkt_src;
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