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Additional JSON logging for Bro.
##! Additional JSON-logging for Bro.
module Log;
export {
## Enables JSON-logfiles for all active streams
const enable_all_json = T &redef;
## Streams not to generate JSON-logfiles for
const exclude_json: set[Log::ID] = { } &redef;
## Streams to generate JSON-logfiles for
const include_json: set[Log::ID] = { } &redef;
## Path to the additional JSON-logfiles
const path_json = "" &redef;
## Rotation interval for JSON-logfiles
const interv_json = default_rotation_interval &redef;
## Format of timestamps for JSON-logfiles.
## See: :bro:see:`LogAscii::json_timestamps`
const timestamps_json = "JSON::TS_MILLIS" &redef;
# Wrapper for path_func implementations, appending "-json"
function json_path_func(id: Log::ID, path: string, rec: any): string
local filter = Log::get_filter(id, "default");
if ( /-json/ in path )
path = path[:-5];
local new_path = filter$path_func(id, path, rec);
return string_cat(new_path, "-json");
event bro_init() &priority=-3
const config_json = table(
["use_json"] = "T",
["json_timestamps"] = timestamps_json);
# Add filter for JSON output
for ( id in Log::active_streams )
if ( (enable_all_json || (id in include_json)) && (id !in exclude_json) )
local filter = copy(Log::get_filter(id, "default"));
filter$name = "default_json";
filter$writer = Log::WRITER_ASCII;
if ( filter?$path )
filter$path = string_cat(path_json, filter$path, "-json");
if ( filter?$path_func )
filter$path_func = json_path_func;
filter$config = config_json;
filter$interv = interv_json;
Log::add_filter(id, filter);

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J-Gras commented Jan 15, 2017

The script is available as package for bro-pkg and can be installed using bro-pkg install add-json. In case of further development, updates will be committed to the packages repository at

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