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Configuring Resque Web Interface in Application
#The steps need to be performed to use resque-web with in your application
#In routes.rb
ApplicationName::Application.routes.draw do
resources :some_controller_name
mount Resque::Server, :at=> "/resque"
#That's it now you can access it from within your application i.e
#To be insured that that Resque::Server is loaded add its requirement condition in Gemfile
gem 'resque', :require=>"resque/server"
#To add basic http authentication add resque_auth.rb file in initializers folder and add these lines for the security
Resque::Server.use(Rack::Auth::Basic) do |user, password|
password == "secret"
#That's It !!!!! :)
#Thanks to Ryan from RailsCasts for this valuable information.
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