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Sublime Text 2/3: Snippet scopes

Here is a list of scopes to use in Sublime Text 2/3 snippets -

ActionScript: source.actionscript.2
AppleScript: source.applescript
ASP: source.asp
Batch FIle: source.dosbatch
C#: source.cs
C++: source.c++
Clojure: source.clojure
CSS: source.css
D: source.d
Diff: source.diff
Erlang: source.erlang
Go: source.go
Groovy: source.groovy
Haskell: source.haskell
HTML: text.html(.basic)
JSP: text.html.jsp
Java Properties:
Java Doc: text.html.javadoc
JSON: source.json
Javascript: source.js
BibTex: source.bibtex
Latex Log: text.log.latex
Latex Memoir: text.tex.latex.memoir
Latex: text.tex.latex
LESS: source.css.less
TeX: text.tex
Lisp: source.lisp
Lua: source.lua
MakeFile: source.makefile
Markdown: text.html.markdown
Multi Markdown: text.html.markdown.multimarkdown
Matlab: source.matlab
Objective-C: source.objc
Objective-C++: source.objc++
OCaml campl4: source.camlp4.ocaml
OCaml: source.ocaml
OCamllex: source.ocamllex
Perl: source.perl
PHP: source.php
Regular Expression(python): source.regexp.python
Python: source.python
R Console: source.r-console
R: source.r
Ruby on Rails: source.ruby.rails
Ruby HAML: text.haml
SQL(Ruby): source.sql.ruby
Regular Expression: source.regexp
RestructuredText: text.restructuredtext
Ruby: source.ruby
SASS: source.sass
Scala: source.scala
Shell Script:
SQL: source.sql
Stylus: source.stylus
TCL: source.tcl
HTML(TCL): text.html.tcl
Plain text: text.plain
Textile: text.html.textile
XML: text.xml
XSL: text.xml.xsl
YAML: source.yaml

Another list:

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vikjam commented Apr 19, 2016

Perhaps PHP should include embedding.php? I'm guessing this based on the conversation here: sublimehq/Packages#24

Also, maybe it'd be worth adding Jade: text.jade.

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great list my man; and a serious 👍 for @vikjam's suggestion.

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fodra commented Mar 22, 2017

love this. needed the markdown bit.

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Possible to add different <scope>...<scope>s within one same file or one same line?

Right now I have this...

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class $1 extends Component {
  render() {
    return (

export default $1
  <!-- Optional: Set a tabTrigger to define how to trigger the snippet -->
  <!-- Optional: Set a scope to limit where the snippet will trigger -->

I would like my snippet to work both in files ending in js and jsx.


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Use commas to add multiple scopes.


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dumpvn commented Sep 26, 2018


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Typescript (fairly self explanatory):
<scope>source.tsx</scope> / <scope>source.ts</scope>

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For people from future:

You can now check all scopes here.
And don't forget to use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P to show the current scope (or Tools > Developer > Show Scope Name).

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Clivern commented Oct 26, 2020

Rust: source.rust

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dreig commented Oct 25, 2021

Thank you @mariovalney! You're a life saver.
I knew about the existence of this list and I still couldn't find it for the longest time.
I wanted to add a Sublime Snippet that works only works in *.sublime-project files. It turns out that the scope is source.json.sublime.
Now hopefully I don't forget about Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P the next time I need it in a year or so... 😕

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vivek1986 commented Jan 17, 2024

Great list and updates y'all, but as there's always room for improvement, how about any possibility of using wildcard characters that would match all scopes or situation where scoping cannot be defined like edit-in-progress / unsaved text file ? Does something like source.* or text.* works inside scope tags to cover all scopes ? I think that would be a great next level if it's already there or somehow possible, right ?

For example when I am doing some long typing, and I type st-st and hit Tab, it would translate to step-by-step and such cases...

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