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SoundCloud API Endpoints
{ ApiCommand.AuthorizationCodeFlow, new Uri("{0}&response_type={1}&redirect_uri={2}") },
{ ApiCommand.UserAgentFlow, new Uri("{0}&response_type=token&redirect_uri={1}") },
{ ApiCommand.UserCredentialsFlow, new Uri("{0}&client_secret={1}&grant_type=password&username={2}&password={3}") },
{ ApiCommand.RefreshToken, new Uri("{0}&client_secret={1}&grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token={2}") },
{ ApiCommand.Me, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeTracks, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeComments, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeFollowings, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeFollowingsContact, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.MeFollowers, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeFollowersContact, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.MeFavorites, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeFavoritesTrack, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.MeGroups, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MePlaylists, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.MeConnections, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.Users, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.User, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserTracks, new Uri("{0}/tracks.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserComments, new Uri("{0}/comments.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserFollowings, new Uri("{0}/followings.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserFollowingsContact, new Uri("{0}/followings/{contact_id}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserFollowers, new Uri("{0}/followers.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserFollowersContact, new Uri("{0}/followers/{1}.json?consumer_key={2}") },
{ ApiCommand.UserFavorites, new Uri("{0}/favorites.json?linked_partitioning=1") },
{ ApiCommand.UserFavoritesTrack, new Uri("{0}/favorites/{1}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserGroups, new Uri("{0}/groups.json") },
{ ApiCommand.UserPlaylists, new Uri("{0}/playlists.json?linked_partitioning=1") },
{ ApiCommand.Tracks, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.Track, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.TrackComments, new Uri("{0}/comments.json") },
{ ApiCommand.TrackPermissions, new Uri("{0}/permissions.json") },
{ ApiCommand.TrackSecretToken, new Uri("{0}/secret-token.json") },
{ ApiCommand.TrackShare, new Uri("{0}/shared-to/connections") },
{ ApiCommand.Comment, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.Groups, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.Group, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.GroupUsers, new Uri("{0}/users.json") },
{ ApiCommand.GroupModerators, new Uri("{0}/moderators.json") },
{ ApiCommand.GroupMembers, new Uri("{0}/members.json") },
{ ApiCommand.GroupContributors, new Uri("{0}/contributors.json") },
{ ApiCommand.GroupTracks, new Uri("{0}/tracks.json") },
{ ApiCommand.Playlists, new Uri("") },
{ ApiCommand.Playlist, new Uri("{0}.json") },
{ ApiCommand.Resolve, new Uri("{0}") },
Soundcloud API V2
Get likes and playlists (private & public and all own and liked) without tracklist (oauth needed)
Get only playlist ids: (I think they don't include private playlists) (oauth needed)
Get playlist by id (followed by the previous request)
Get stream from homepage (oauth needed):
Get stream (oauth needed):
Get play-history tracks (right side homepage):
Get all track likes (right side homepage):
Get who to follow (right side homepage):
User total plays:
Liked Playlists:
Get multiple tracks by id,234,765,456,etc
Soundcloud App.js V2 endpoints taken from
announcement: [i, a, "announcements/:id"],
announcements: [i, a, "announcements"],
app: [i, a, "app/:id"],
appV2TrackComments: [i, a, "app/v2/tracks/:id/comments"],
audioAd: [i, l, "audio-ad"],
charts: [i, l, "charts"],
checkIdentifier: [i, u, "identifier", {
q: null
collectionPlaylists: [i, l, "users/:id/playlists/liked_and_owned"],
comment: [i, l, "comments/:id"],
developerApps: [i, l, "apps"],
playlistLikesIds: [i, l, "me/playlist_likes/ids"],
playlistLikesCreate: [o, l, "users/:userId/playlist_likes/:id"],
playlistLikesDelete: [s, l, "users/:userId/playlist_likes/:id"],
playlistRepostsIds: [i, a, "e1/me/playlist_reposts/ids"],
playlistRepostsCreate: [o, a, "e1/me/playlist_reposts/:id"],
playlistRepostsDelete: [s, a, "e1/me/playlist_reposts/:id"],
soundLikesIds: [i, a, "e1/me/track_likes/ids"],
soundLikesCreate: [o, l, "users/:userId/track_likes/:id"],
soundLikesDelete: [s, l, "users/:userId/track_likes/:id"],
edgePlaylistCategory: [i, a, "e1/playlists/:id/:category"],
edgeTrackCategory: [i, a, "e1/tracks/:id/:category"],
soundReposters: [i, l, "tracks/:id/reposters"],
soundRepostsIds: [i, a, "e1/me/track_reposts/ids"],
soundRepostsCreate: [o, a, "e1/me/track_reposts/:id"],
soundRepostsDelete: [s, a, "e1/me/track_reposts/:id"],
featuredProfiles: [i, l, "users/:id/featured-profiles"],
feedPlaylistUpdate: [o, l, "feed-playlists/:id"],
feedTrackUpdate: [o, l, "feed-tracks/:urn"],
me: [i, l, "me"],
meConnections: [i, a, "me/connections"],
meRightsholders: [i, l, "me/rightsholders"],
meUpdate: [o, l, "me"],
myActivitiesTracks: [i, a, "me/activities/tracks"],
myConnection: [i, a, "me/connections/:id"],
myFollowersIds: [i, l, "me/followers/ids"],
myFollowingsIds: [i, l, "users/:userId/followings/ids"],
myFollowingsCreate: [r, l, "me/followings/:id"],
myFollowingsDelete: [s, l, "me/followings/:id"],
mySuggestedUsers: [i, l, "me/suggested/users/:category"],
newForYou: [i, l, "me/new-for-you"],
onboardingTrackRecommendations: [i, l, "onboarding/tracks/recommendations"],
oscpStatus: [i, l, "oscp/status"],
oscpUserCreate: [r, l, "oscp/user_info"],
oscpPayoutCreate: [r, l, "oscp/payout"],
oscpAvailableContract: [i, l, "oscp/contracts/available/:variant"],
oscpActiveContract: [i, l, "oscp/contracts/active/:id"],
oscpContractSign: [r, l, "oscp/contracts/sign/:variant"],
paymentCheckout: [i, l, "payments/checkout"],
paymentCheckoutItem: [i, l, "payments/checkout/:id"],
paymentOrders: [i, l, "payments/orders/:type"],
paymentQuotations: [i, l, "payments/quotations/:category"],
paymentQuotationsCode: [i, l, "payments/quotations/code/:id"],
paymentsConsumerSubscriptionsActive: [i, l, "payments/consumer-subscriptions/active"],
paymentsSubscriptionsActive: [i, l, "payments/subscriptions/active"],
personalizedTracks: [i, l, "me/personalized-tracks"],
playHistoryTracks: [i, l, "me/play-history/tracks"],
playHistoryContexts: [i, l, "me/play-history/contexts"],
playHistoryAdd: [r, l, "me/play-history"],
playHistoryClear: [s, l, "me/play-history"],
playlist: [i, l, "playlists/:id"],
playlistUpdate: [o, l, "playlists/:id"],
playlistArtworkUpdate: [o, a, "playlists/:id"],
playlistDelete: [s, a, "playlists/:id"],
playlistCategory: [i, l, "playlists/:id/:category"],
playlistCreate: [r, l, "playlists"],
playlistDiscovery: [i, l, "playlists/discovery"],
playlistsForTrack: [i, l, "tracks/:trackId/playlists"],
playlistsWithoutAlbumsForTrack: [i, l, "tracks/:trackId/playlists_without_albums"],
albumsForTrack: [i, l, "tracks/:trackId/albums"],
promotedSearch: [i, l, "promoted/search"],
promotedUploadTakeover: [i, l, "promoted/upload-takeover"],
promotedUploadText: [i, l, "promoted/upload-text"],
promotedUsers: [i, l, "promoted/users"],
recommendedStations: [i, l, "stations/:type"],
relatedSounds: [i, l, "tracks/:track_id/related"],
reportCopyrightInfringement: [r, l, "copyright_reports"],
resetPassword: [r, l, "users/password_reset", {
email: null
resolve: [i, l, "resolve", {
url: ""
search: [i, l, "search"],
searchQueries: [i, l, "search/queries"],
searchCategory: [i, l, "search/:category"],
searchSounds: [i, a, "search/sounds"],
searchSuggestTags: [i, a, "search/suggest/tags"],
shortcutsFollowings: [i, l, "me/shortcuts/followings"],
shortcutsTrackLikes: [i, l, "me/shortcuts/track-likes"],
signinWithFacebook: [r, u, "sign-in/facebook"],
signinWithGoogle: [r, u, "sign-in/google"],
signinWithPassword: [r, u, "sign-in/password"],
signupWithEmail: [r, u, "sign-up/email"],
signupWithEmailToken: [r, u, "sign-up/email/token"],
signupWithFacebook: [r, u, "sign-up/facebook"],
signupWithGoogle: [r, u, "sign-up/google"],
station: [i, l, "stations/:urn"],
stationBatch: [i, l, "stations", {
urns: null
stationTracks: [i, l, "stations/:urn/tracks"],
likedStations: [i, l, "stations/liked"],
likedStationIds: [i, l, "stations/liked/ids"],
likeStation: [o, l, "stations/liked/:id"],
unlikeStation: [s, l, "stations/liked/:id"],
staticPage: [i, d, ":pageName.html"],
stream: [i, l, "stream"],
streamNotifications: [i, l, "stream/notifications"],
streamUserProfile: [i, l, "stream/users/:id"],
streamUserReposts: [i, l, "stream/users/:id/reposts"],
tagsSuggested: [i, l, "tags/suggested/:urn"],
tagsSuggestedCategory: [i, l, "tags/suggested/:category/:urn"],
territoriesWhichRequireExplicitRightsholder: [i, l, "tracks/explicit-rightsholder-required-in"],
timeseriesTrack: [i, l, "users/:user_id/tracks/:track_id/stats/timeseries/:metric"],
timeseriesUser: [i, l, "users/:user_id/stats/timeseries/:metric"],
track: [i, l, "tracks/:urn"],
trackAsOwner: [i, l, "tracks/:urn", {
representation: "owner"
trackBatch: [i, l, "tracks"],
trackCategory: [i, l, "tracks/:id/:category"],
trackCreate: [i, l, "tracks"],
trackComments: [i, l, "tracks/:id/comments"],
trackDelete: [s, l, "tracks/:id"],
trackImageUpdate: [o, a, "tracks/:id"],
trackPatchUpdate: [o, a, "tracks/:id"],
trackPermalinkAvailability: [i, l, "track_permalink_availability", {
permalink: null
trackStreams: [i, a, "i1/tracks/:id/streams"],
trackUpdate: [i, l, "tracks/:urn"],
trinityPublish: [i, a, "tpub/publish"],
trinitySubscribe: [i, a, "tsub/subscribe"],
user: [i, a, "users/:id"],
userAlbums: [i, l, "users/:id/albums"],
userAsOwner: [i, l, "users/:urn", {
representation: "owner"
userComments: [i, a, "users/:id/comments"],
userDelete: [r, l, "users/:urn/deletion"],
userEmailCreate: [r, l, "users/:user_id/emails"],
userEmailDelete: [s, l, "users/:user_id/emails/:id"],
userEmailResendConfirmation: [r, l, "users/:user_id/emails/:id/confirmation"],
userEmailUpdate: [o, l, "users/:user_id/emails/:id"],
userEmails: [i, l, "users/:id/emails"],
userFollowers: [i, l, "users/:id/followers"],
userFollowersFollowedBy: [i, l, "users/:id/followers/followed_by/:followed_by"],
userFollowings: [i, l, "users/:id/followings"],
userFollowingsNotFollowedBy: [i, l, "users/:id/followings/not_followed_by/:not_followed_by"],
userImageUpdate: [o, a, "users/:id"],
userLikes: [i, l, "users/:id/likes"],
userTrackLikes: [i, l, "users/:id/track_likes"],
userNotificationsPreferences: [i, l, "users/:id/notifications/preferences"],
userPlaylists: [i, l, "users/:id/playlists"],
userPlaylistsWithoutAlbums: [i, l, "users/:id/playlists_without_albums"],
userResetPassword: [r, l, "users/:id/password_reset"],
userSettings: [i, l, "users/:id/settings"],
userSpotlight: [i, l, "users/:id/spotlight"],
userTracks: [i, l, "users/:id/tracks"],
userWebProfiles: [i, l, "users/:urn/web-profiles"],
userWebProfilesUpdate: [r, l, "users/:urn/web-profiles"],
visuals: [i, c, "visuals"],
userBlockingsIds: [i, a, "me/mutings/users/ids"],
userBlockingsDelete: [s, a, "me/mutings/users/:id"],
userBlockingsCreate: [r, a, "me/blockings", {
user_id: null,
reported: null,
remove_activities: null
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I tried to use the examples you provided above but getting 401 and you know it's not possible to create soundcloud API at the moment.
Your advice is highly appreciated.

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JBou commented Apr 14, 2020

These are endpoints I extracted from the official soundcloud website a few years ago. They may have changed as of now. i'm not up to date with the Soundcloud API.

The first part of this document contains endpoints from the official API documented at:
Here you find everything you need to know.

The second part are endpoints extracted from the soundcloud websites javascript code... These endpoints are unofficial and undocumented and may also break more likely.... If you want to use these endpoints you have to google for soundcloud v2 api or something like that, or you use chrome developer tools ans inspect the javascript, and network traffic to figure out how it works.

401 means "Unauthorized" you may have missed to pass the apiKey, don't know anymore if it is used as url parameter or as cookie... As I said, for the first links check out the documentation and for the V2 links use the developer console to debug the website and figure it out. Under the network tab you see the exact requests with cookies, parameters and responses...

If you still need help I need to know what you want to do exactly, which endpoints you want to use and which programming language you are using.

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codex-corp commented Apr 14, 2020


Thanks for the reply!

I'm not able to create SoundCloud app due to limitations at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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JBou commented Apr 14, 2020

Then you have to contact soundcloud... I can't help if you are not able to create an app. I don't have any app active at the moment and I'm not sharing an apiKey for any reason.

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Any idea how to modify the playlist permalink in V2? I know the command for V1 but somehow it doesn't work for me. I'm guessing the V1 command is no longer used?

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JBou commented Apr 24, 2021

I just debugged the request using chrome's dev tools. Seems like you have to send a PUT request to the following url (replace the playlist-id and api key):
with the following payload:

  "playlist": {
    "artwork_url": null,
    "created_at": "2016-12-27T14:26:53Z",
    "duration": 225118,
    "id": 286853773,
    "kind": "playlist",
    "last_modified": "2017-06-24T17:16:56Z",
    "likes_count": 1,
    "managed_by_feeds": false,
    "permalink": "test",
    "permalink_url": "",
    "public": true,
    "reposts_count": 0,
    "secret_token": "s-abcd",
    "sharing": "public",
    "title": "Test",
    "track_count": 1,
    "uri": "",
    "user_id": 23667548,
    "set_type": null,
    "is_album": false,
    "published_at": "2017-06-24T17:16:56Z",
    "display_date": "2017-06-24T17:16:56Z",
    "user": {
      "avatar_url": "",
      "first_name": "Gabriel",
      "followers_count": 44,
      "full_name": "Gabriel Patzleiner",
      "id": 23667548,
      "kind": "user",
      "last_modified": "2018-01-27T16:10:02Z",
      "last_name": "Patzleiner",
      "permalink": "gabrielpatzleiner",
      "permalink_url": "",
      "uri": "",
      "urn": "soundcloud:users:23667548",
      "username": "Gabriel Patzleiner",
      "verified": false,
      "city": "",
      "country_code": null,
      "badges": {
        "pro": false,
        "pro_unlimited": false,
        "verified": false
    "description": "",
    "embeddable_by": "all",
    "genre": "",
    "label_name": "",
    "license": "all-rights-reserved",
    "purchase_title": null,
    "purchase_url": null,
    "release_date": null,
    "tag_list": "",
    "tracks": [
    "caption": "",
    "ean": null,
    "release": null,
    "_resource_id": 286853773,
    "_resource_type": "playlist"

As you can see, the permalink is test (new) but the permalink_url is still test2 (old). In the response the permalink is changed to test (new). The soundcloud website sends all of the information, maybe it's enough to just send the properties you want to change. Otherwise you have to request the playlist-data, change the permalink and send the whole data as PUT request to the server, it should work like this. But as I haven't used this API since 4 years, I haven't tested and don't know what has changed. Good luck 😃

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