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览色 Lanse App Tech Support (中文版在下面)

Lanse App Tech Support Pro:

##Getting Support:


or leave comment below.

EXTRA Feature for Pro:

Pick color from photos

  • Tap "Photo" button on the top left corner

  • RGB sliders to Mix color

  • Use camera to Capture real world color anytime

  • Record the colors you like

  • Tap to show your color!

Show color with Full-Screen

  • In Mix/Capture, tap color preview, in Record, tap a color record. With Full-Screen show, press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time, to save a screenshot with the color

Auto Save Temp Colors -

In Capture, 50 temp colors will be auto saved, tap "Pause" button then you can scroll the picker on the right and pick the color you want.So you won't worry about tremble when capture color with camera.

Save Color

  • In Mix/Capture, Press "Save" button on the top right corner to save color. Saved colors can be looked in Record.

RGB,HEX...Form Convert

  • In Record, Press the button on the top left corner to switch form between RGB,HEX,CMYK,HSB or blank(no text).

Color Group

  • In “Record”, tap the “+Group” button on top, input group name. Then tap "Edit", drag color block to the Group witch you want!

Shake Random Color

  • In Mix, Shake your device or press the "Shake" button on the top left corner to generate random color

览色 App 技术支持 专业版:


· 照片取色 - Capture中点击左上角Photo按钮

反馈邮箱 或在下方留言

  • 简洁有效的RGB滑杆调色
  • 用摄像头捕捉身边你喜欢的色彩
  • 随时随地将你调制或捕捉的颜色记录起来
  • RGB、HEX、HSB色值转换
  • 轻点即可全屏展示你指定的色彩!


色彩分组功能 - Record中,点击顶部“+Group”按钮,输入新分组名称,然后点击Edit进入编辑模式,拖动色彩条到想要的分组即可!


  • Mix与Capture中轻点颜色预览框,Record中轻点要展示的颜色记录即可,全屏显示后,Home+锁屏键同时按就能截屏保存颜色图片到相册


  • Capture实时取色中,会自动记录50个临时颜色,点击"暂停"按钮即可滑动右侧的选择器从临时记录中选取颜色,再也不用担心手抖取不到想要的颜色啦


  • Mix与Capture中,点按右上角的Save按钮即可保存颜色,保存的颜色可以在Record中查看


  • Record中,点按左上角的按钮即可在RGB/CMYK/HEX/HSB/空白(不显示文字)中切换


  • Mix中,摇动手机或点按左上角的Shake按钮即可产生随机颜色
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