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Use te*privacy for now, an actual privacy policy will be here soon.
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Repeat my main guild has been nuked
Contact JDJG Inc. Official#3493 if you got a weird message"
I am sorry, I do not know how it happened, but i plan to investigate.
The suspicious account is Rendev, so I removed rendev from the bot team, and the main guild has been nuked.
I'll try my best to get the discord staff to rebuilt the nuked guilds.
I contacted ian of discord, I hope he can help me figure this out.
import discord
from discord.ext import commands
from discord.ui import Modal, TextInput
import os
import dotenv
import jishaku
# Defines a custom Modal with questions
# that user has to answer. The callback function
# of this class is called when the user submits the modal
JDJGInc / bot explanation.txt
Last active Jan 17, 2022
Some information about bot setup and how it works.
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#Bot Setup
#guide for those who want to fork some of the bot's command.
Please use my code for a learning guide, do not copy commands.
When you see os.environ["tenor_key"]
Env is loaded by default on services that see the .env file as a secret file, however you can just load it with python-dotenv or replace the text with a string
you get a key from the tenor api key from
a giphy key like os.environ["giphy_key"]