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Priority queue job example
class SendDataJob(private val dataInput: SomeDataClass) :
Job(Params(1).requireNetwork().persist().groupBy(“tag”)), KoinComponent {
// job is queued, need to update local storage
override fun onAdded() {
override fun onRun() {
val sendService: SendService? by inject()
?.observeOn(, true)
?.subscribe({}, {})
override fun onCancel(cancelReason: Int, throwable: Throwable?) {
override fun shouldReRunOnThrowable(throwable: Throwable, runCount: Int, maxRunCount: Int): RetryConstraint? {
if (throwable is HttpException) {
//if it is a 4xx error, stop
val errorCode = throwable.code()
return if (errorCode < 400 || errorCode > 499)
RetryConstraint.RETRY else RetryConstraint.CANCEL
return RetryConstraint.RETRY
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