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Last active November 15, 2023 13:41
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Script for pretty printing logs of MIT 6.824 labs
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import shutil
from typing import Optional, List, Tuple, Dict
import typer
from rich import print
from rich.columns import Columns
from rich.console import Console
from rich.traceback import install
# fmt: off
# Mapping from topics to colors
"TIMR": "#9a9a99",
"VOTE": "#67a0b2",
"LEAD": "#d0b343",
"TERM": "#70c43f",
"LOG1": "#4878bc",
"LOG2": "#398280",
"CMIT": "#98719f",
"PERS": "#d08341",
"SNAP": "#FD971F",
"DROP": "#ff615c",
"CLNT": "#00813c",
"TEST": "#fe2c79",
"INFO": "#ffffff",
"WARN": "#d08341",
"ERRO": "#fe2626",
"TRCE": "#fe2626",
# fmt: on
def list_topics(value: Optional[str]):
if value is None:
return value
topics = value.split(",")
for topic in topics:
if topic not in TOPICS:
raise typer.BadParameter(f"topic {topic} not recognized")
return topics
def main(
file: typer.FileText = typer.Argument(None, help="File to read, stdin otherwise"),
colorize: bool = typer.Option(True, "--no-color"),
n_columns: Optional[int] = typer.Option(None, "--columns", "-c"),
ignore: Optional[str] = typer.Option(None, "--ignore", "-i", callback=list_topics),
just: Optional[str] = typer.Option(None, "--just", "-j", callback=list_topics),
topics = list(TOPICS)
# We can take input from a stdin (pipes) or from a file
input_ = file if file else sys.stdin
# Print just some topics or exclude some topics (good for avoiding verbose ones)
if just:
topics = just
if ignore:
topics = [lvl for lvl in topics if lvl not in set(ignore)]
topics = set(topics)
console = Console()
width = console.size.width
panic = False
for line in input_:
time, topic, *msg = line.strip().split(" ")
# To ignore some topics
if topic not in topics:
msg = " ".join(msg)
# Debug calls from the test suite aren't associated with
# any particular peer. Otherwise we can treat second column
# as peer id
if topic != "TEST":
i = int(msg[1])
# Colorize output by using rich syntax when needed
if colorize and topic in TOPICS:
color = TOPICS[topic]
msg = f"[{color}]{msg}[/{color}]"
# Single column printing. Always the case for debug stmts in tests
if n_columns is None or topic == "TEST":
print(time, msg)
# Multi column printing, timing is dropped to maximize horizontal
# space. Heavylifting is done through rich.column.Columns object
cols = ["" for _ in range(n_columns)]
msg = "" + msg
cols[i] = msg
col_width = int(width / n_columns)
cols = Columns(cols, width=col_width - 1, equal=True, expand=True)
# Code from tests or panics does not follow format
# so we print it as is
if line.startswith("panic"):
panic = True
# Output from tests is usually important so add a
# horizontal line with hashes to make it more obvious
if not panic:
print("#" * console.width)
print(line, end="")
if __name__ == "__main__":
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