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JSantosP / TupleSum.scala
Created Jun 15, 2017
Scalera - Monoids aren't démodé and thursday are the new fridays
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object TupleSum extends App {
// Monoids aren't démodé and thursday are the new fridays
val l = List(
1 -> 1,
2 -> 3,
3 -> 3)
JSantosP / card.scala
Last active Feb 2, 2017
Some cards gist
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package scalera
package object card {
sealed trait Suit
object Suit {
lazy val values = List(Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs)
case object Spades extends Suit
case object Diamonds extends Suit
JSantosP / TypeClassApproach.scala
Created Apr 7, 2016
Type class approach for polymorphic behavior
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object TypeClassApproach extends App {
// The logic ...
trait StreamT[T]{
def values: Stream[T]
object StreamT {
JSantosP / Boot.scala
Created Apr 5, 2016
New Boot for twitter-stream project. With this snippet we're able to measure NRT the number of mentions between Android and IOS
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package scalera.twitter
import org.apache.spark.streaming.dstream.DStream
import twitter4j.Status
object Boot extends Analytics{
// Set checkpoint dir
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