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New to SCoRe Lab πŸ₯³


Q: How do I find a project with technology X? πŸš€

Q: Contribution guide? 😎

Q: I like project X but it's not active? 😭

  • Try to create issues/pull requests and see if someone responds if nobody responds move on to something else.

Q: Should I create an Issue or PR for a small change? πŸ˜‹

  • Do it according to project CONTRIBUTING guide. If it's not there or unclear create both Issue and PR. Refer to issue in PR.

Q: Am I allowed to direct message mentors? 🀐

  • Everyone benifits if you ask questions in Public gitter groups.
  • You may get help from more than one mentor. Some former students also hang around in these channels and they can help as well.

Q: Should I @Tag mentors to get their attention? 🀣🧲

  • Please post questions in relevant channels. @Tag limits your question to tagged people.
  • If you don't tag more people can answer as well.

Q: What are active projects? πŸ€—

  • Take a look at last commit in master/develop branches. Some might be only active in develop branch.
  • If commits are years or more than 5-6 months old. Project might not be active.

Q: How can I find relevant people to assign PR reviews? πŸ€”

  • Look previous issues/PRs to findout people that can carry out reviews.

Q: Help someone is harrasing me! 😡

  • Let members who were in the group for few years know of the situation, They will know how to handle it.

Q: Help reviewers are rejecting my PRs! ❌

  • This is usually due to a problem in the code. It's not targeted towards you.
  • Reviewers will usually say what to change. If not ask them.

Google Summer of Code

Q: GSoC Can I get a proposal template?

  • Please try to also add why you want to do things in your proposal as well.
    • Examples:
      • I want to use technology Z because It's .... and It provides ... compared to X.
      • I'm using consitant hashing to increase cache hits and to increase performance.
      • I'm creating a mobile application in React Native so it can be compiled to multiple target device architectures.
  • See

Q: GSoC score-lab said org is selected for GSoC ? πŸ‘•

  • This means Google has selected us to participte in GSoC.
  • Now you need to follow the timelime mentioned in summer of code to propose ideas,...etc.
  • First of all if you haven't contributed already start contributing to any project.
    • Priority is always given to those who have already contributed.
  • Discuss ideas!! like to build a new thing Y in Project X.. don't keep it in your head. Tell us.
  • It's better to use a google doc when you are discussing ideas as it's easier to discuss/review.

Q: GSoC What are the projects we can do for GSoC 😎

  • We can discus this later try to contribute first.
  • This depends on which mentors wants to participate.
  • This depends on Google selecting ScoreLab as an org.
  • This depends on already created issues/kanban projects in repositories.
  • Your selected project may or may not be in GSoC. (Contribution to any project is still valuable)

Q: GSoC How do I get selected for GSoC? πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

  • Depends on if Google decide to allow SCoRe Lab to participate.
  • Projects are based on mentor availablility.
  • Those who contribute already are prioratized.


Q: GSoC How do I pitch my ideas/proposal to mentors? 😁

  • As mentioned in above questions. Create a google doc and then share with mentors.
  • Preferbly multiple mentors so they can review/give you feedback.
  • Don't share idea/proposal documents on public channels.

Q: GSoC When do I get my t-shirts/hoodies/money/certificate ? πŸ€‘

  • This is handled by Google and not by us.

Google Code In

Q: Google CodeIn Should I share my real name/address/phone numbers/country with mentors ? πŸ“²βŒ

  • NO. We don't need to know your personal information. Just focus on the tasks.

Q: Google CodeIn When do I get my t-shirts/hoodies/money/certificate ? πŸ‘•

  • This is handled by Google and not by us.
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