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ClojureScript analysis cache
;; Analyzed by ClojureScript 1.8.40
;; Example of a serialized Var in EDN format
{:defs {schema-with-name {:name libui.schema/schema-with-name, :meta {:file nil}, :file "/Users/jacob/.boot/cache/tmp/Users/jacob/code/clojure/raflui/82a/rcesf6/libui/schema.cljc", :line 19, :column 10}}}
;; Expected serialized function defs
{:defs {val-or-coll {:protocol-inline nil, :meta {:file "/Users/jacob/.boot/cache/tmp/Users/jacob/code/clojure/raflui/82a/rcesf6/libui/schema.cljc", :line 75, :column 20, :end-line 75, :end-column 31, :arglists (quote ([x]))}, :name libui.schema/val-or-coll, :variadic false, :file "/Users/jacob/.boot/cache/tmp/Users/jacob/code/clojure/raflui/82a/rcesf6/libui/schema.cljc", :end-column 31, :method-params ([x]), :protocol-impl nil, :arglists-meta (nil nil), :column 1, :line 75, :end-line 75, :max-fixed-arity 1, :fn-var true, :arglists (quote ([x]))}}}
;; NOTE Vars only serialize to `:name` `:file` `:line` `:column`
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