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Last active October 31, 2023 11:40
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-- this file implements the Grothendieck construction and its inverse for functions i.e.\ the equivalence between functions f : X -> Set and functions \int f -> X. In the language of functional programming, this gives a reversible procedure for turning dependent types into function types.
-- finite sets with n elements
-- just a dependent type
import Data.Vect
Deptype :Type -> Type
Deptype x = x -> Type
-- example 1: the dependent type sending a natural number n to the type Fin n
F: Deptype Nat
F = Fin
-- example 2:
G : Deptype Nat
G = (\n => Vect n Double)
-- these dependent types have corresponding function types
f : (DPair Nat Fin) -> Nat
f = fst
g : (DPair Nat G) -> Nat
g = fst
-- this is beccause function types are just another side to dependent types
functype: Type -> Type -> Type
functype x y = y -> x
-- to turn a dependent type into a function type
Groth : {x : Type} -> Deptype x -> (DPair Type (functype x))
Groth {x} d = MkDPair (DPair x d) fst
-- and inverting a function type into a dependent type
Inv : {x : Type} -> {y : Type} -> functype x y -> Deptype x
Inv {x} {y} f = finv where
finv : x -> Type
finv a = DPair y (\b => (f b = a))
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