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I hereby claim:

  • I am JadenGeller on github.
  • I am jaden ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is CD7E 9E0B AE92 1CDB EBD9 3AFB 5989 E3D5 A174 FDD4

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View Swift Coalesce Function.swift
* coalesce takes in a list of optional values
* and returns the first one that is not nil
func coalesce<T>(all: @autoclosure () -> T? ...) -> T? {
for f: () -> T? in all {
if let x = f() { return x }
return nil
View Swift Unwrap Function.swift
* Returns the default value whenever the primary value is nil
* Otherwise returns the primary value
func unwrap<T>(primaryValue: T?, defaultValue: T) -> T {
if let value = primaryValue { return value }
else { return defaultValue }
// Examples
JadenGeller / Random Class.m
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Random Objective-C Class Returning Function
View Random Class.m
#import <objc/runtime.h>
Class randomClass(){
int numClasses = objc_getClassList(NULL, 0);
Class *classes = calloc(sizeof(Class), numClasses);
objc_getClassList(classes, numClasses);
Class randomClass = *(classes + arc4random_uniform(numClasses));
return randomClass;
View Swift Attempt Function.swift
* attempt takes a function that does not accept optional values
* and returns a new function that will work as usual with non-optional values
* and return nil when passed an optional value
func attempt<T,U>(f: T -> U)-> T? -> U? {
return { y in
if let x = y {
return f(x)
View Swift Offset Generator.swift
* Allows you to offset offset a generator
* and loop back around to the initial values
struct OffsetGenerator<G : GeneratorType> : GeneratorType {
var generator: G
var skipped = Array<G.Element>()
init(generator: G, var offset: Int){
self.generator = generator
JadenGeller / Lambda Wrapping.swift
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Lambda Wrapping to Guard Evaluation in Swift
View Lambda Wrapping.swift
// Imagine we have a function that curries
// That is, multiply takes in an integer a
// and returns a fuction that takes in another
// integer b that will return a * b
func multiply(a: Int) -> Int -> Int {
println("I got the first thing")
return { b in
println("I got the second thing")
return a * b
JadenGeller / Finite.swift
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Swift Finite Sequence
View Finite.swift
* Allows you to limit the count of a sequence
extension SequenceType {
func take(count: Int) -> FiniteSequence<Generator.Element> {
return FiniteSequence(backing: AnySequence(self), count: count)
View Swift Long Jump Wrapper.swift
// We will show how long jumps can be used within Swift
// Create jump and set it's position
let start = Jump()
setjmp(start.line) // Sets start's line to the current line
println("HI") // -> "Hi" -> "Hi" -> "Hi" -> ... (prints forever)
longjmp(start.line, 0) // Jumps back to start's line, e.g. setjmp(start.line)
View Swift Restart Skip Block.swift
// Let's start with an example
var c = 0
// Inside a jump block, calling the restart function starts over
// and calling the skip function exists the block
jump { restart, skip in
for i in 1...4 {
println("c: \(c); i: \(i)")
if c == 4 { skip() }
else if i == 3 { c++; restart() }
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