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César Pinto Castillo JagCesar

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lane :beta do
latestBuildNumber = bump_build_number
# Git tag must not already exist. If it does, check if we forgot to bump version or
# delete previous tag on remote.
git_tag_name = "v#{version}(#{latestBuildNumber})"
UI.crash!("Git tag #{git_tag_name} already exists.") if git_tag_exists(tag: git_tag_name)
build_app(scheme: "Volante")
curl -so \
- --data "title=$message&token=[token-here]" \
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# Customise this file, documentation can be found here:
# All available actions:
# can also be listed using the `fastlane actions` command
# Change the syntax highlighting to Ruby
# All lines starting with a # are ignored when running `fastlane`
# If you want to automatically update fastlane if a new version is available:
# update_fastlane
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language: objective-c
- chmod +x scripts/travis/
- chmod +x scripts/travis/
- chmod +x scripts/travis/
- ./scripts/travis/
script: xctool -workspace [Workspace name].xcworkspace -scheme '[Scheme to use]' -configuration [Build configuration name] -sdk iphoneos7.1 CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR='~/build/' build
- ./scripts/travis/