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Last active Jan 31, 2018
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Starting Python Resources

Intro to Python

Assumes a start with Python 3.6. Python 2.7 is end of life in 2020, so new projects should avoid it.

Important PEPs

PEPs (Python Enhancement Proposals) are how new features are added to the language and are very useful for learning why things are the way they are.

Some also offer style guidance.

Useful modules

  • General
    • collections -- especially defaultdict, which helps avoid KeyError issues when populating a collection
    • pickle -- Python-native serialization. For export, better practice to use JSON via json.dump(obj), but useful when in-memory objects take a long time to build.
    • re
  • Script Management
  • Web
    • json
    • urllib
    • bottle -- pip install bottle -- nanoframework, useful for quick mockups
    • flask -- pip install flask -- microframework
  • Threading and Process Management
  • Testing

Useful non-stdlib modules

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