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Poly Fluid Sizing using linear equations, viewport units and calc()
/// poly-fluid-sizing
/// Generate linear interpolated size values through multiple break points
/// @param $property - A string CSS property name
/// @param $map - A SASS map of viewport unit and size value pairs
/// @requires function linear-interpolation
/// @requires function map-sort
/// @example
/// @include poly-fluid-sizing('font-size', (576px: 22px, 768px: 24px, 992px: 34px));
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@mixin poly-fluid-sizing($property, $map) {
// Get the number of provided breakpoints
$length: length(map-keys($map));
// Error if the number of breakpoints is < 2
@if ($length < 2) {
@error "poly-fluid-sizing() $map requires at least values"
// Sort the map by viewport width (key)
$map: map-sort($map);
$keys: map-keys($map);
// Minimum size
#{$property}: map-get($map, nth($keys,1));
// Interpolated size through breakpoints
@for $i from 1 through ($length - 1) {
@media (min-width:nth($keys,$i)) {
$value1: map-get($map, nth($keys,$i));
$value2: map-get($map, nth($keys,($i + 1)));
// If values are not equal, perform linear interpolation
@if ($value1 != $value2) {
#{$property}: linear-interpolation((nth($keys,$i): $value1, nth($keys,($i+1)): $value2));
} @else {
#{$property}: $value1;
// Maxmimum size
@media (min-width:nth($keys,$length)) {
#{$property}: map-get($map, nth($keys,$length));
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