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Linear Interpolation SASS function
/// linear-interpolation
/// Calculate the definition of a line between two points
/// @param $map - A SASS map of viewport widths and size value pairs
/// @returns A linear equation as a calc() function
/// @example
/// font-size: linear-interpolation((320px: 18px, 768px: 26px));
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function linear-interpolation($map) {
$keys: map-keys($map);
@if (length($keys) != 2) {
@error "linear-interpolation() $map must be exactly 2 values";
// The slope
$m: (map-get($map, nth($keys, 2)) - map-get($map, nth($keys, 1)))/(nth($keys, 2) - nth($keys,1));
// The y-intercept
$b: map-get($map, nth($keys, 1)) - $m * nth($keys, 1);
// Determine if the sign should be positive or negative
$sign: "+";
@if ($b < 0) {
$sign: "-";
$b: abs($b);
@return calc(#{$m*100}vw #{$sign} #{$b});
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