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Transmission-Daemon: Remove Completed Torrents
# script to check for complete torrents in transmission folder, then stop and move them
# either hard-code the MOVEDIR variable here…
MOVEDIR=/home/mjdescy/media # the folder to move completed downloads to
# …or set MOVEDIR using the first command-line argument
# use transmission-remote to get torrent list from transmission-remote list
# use sed to delete first / last line of output, and remove leading spaces
# use cut to get first field from each line
TORRENTLIST=`transmission-remote –list | sed -e ’1d;$d;s/^ *//’ | cut –only-delimited –delimiter= ” ” –fields=1`
# for each torrent in the list
TORRENTID=`echo “$TORRENTID| sed ‘s:*::’`
# removes asterisk * from torrent ID# which had error associated with it
echo* * * * * Operations on torrent ID $TORRENTID starting. * * * * *
# check if torrent download is completed
DL_COMPLETED=`transmission-remote –torrent $TORRENTID –info | grep “Percent Done: 100%”`
# check torrent’s current state is “Stopped”, “Finished”, or “Idle”
STATE_STOPPED=`transmission-remote –torrent $TORRENTID –info | grep “State: Stopped\|Finished\|Idle”`
# if the torrent is “Stopped”, “Finished”, or “Idle” after downloading 100%…
if [ "$DL_COMPLETED" != "" ] && [ "$STATE_STOPPED" != "" ]; then
# move the files and remove the torrent from Transmission
echo “Torrent #$TORRENTID is completed.”
echo “Moving downloaded file(s) to $MOVEDIR.”
transmission-remote –torrent $TORRENTID –move $MOVEDIR
echo “Removing torrent from list.”
transmission-remote –torrent $TORRENTID –remove
echo “Torrent #$TORRENTID is not completed. Ignoring.”
echo* * * * * Operations on torrent ID $TORRENTID completed. * * * * *
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