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Patch to fix PhantomJS build when running with VS2012
diff --git a/src/qt/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source/JavaScriptCore/wtf/HashSet.h b/src/qt/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source/JavaScriptCore/wtf/HashSet.h
index 82245f3..932d254 100644
--- a/src/qt/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source/JavaScriptCore/wtf/HashSet.h
+++ b/src/qt/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source/JavaScriptCore/wtf/HashSet.h
@@ -175,18 +175,20 @@ namespace WTF {
template<typename T, typename U, typename V>
- inline pair<typename HashSet<T, U, V>::iterator, bool> HashSet<T, U, V>::add(const ValueType& value)
+ inline pair<typename HashSet<T,U,V>::const_iterator, bool> HashSet<T,U,V>::add(const ValueType &value)
- return m_impl.add(value);
+ auto p= m_impl.add(value);
+ return make_pair(typename HashSet<T,U,V>::const_iterator(p.first), p.second);
template<typename Value, typename HashFunctions, typename Traits>
template<typename T, typename HashTranslator>
inline pair<typename HashSet<Value, HashFunctions, Traits>::iterator, bool>
- HashSet<Value, HashFunctions, Traits>::add(const T& value)
+ HasSet<Value, HashFunctions, Traits>::add(const T& value)
typedef HashSetTranslatorAdapter<ValueType, ValueTraits, T, HashTranslator> Adapter;
- return m_impl.template addPassingHashCode<T, T, Adapter>(value, value);
+ auto p = m_impl.template addPassingHashCode<T, T, Adapter>(value, value);
+ return make_pair(typename HashSet<Value, HashFunctions, Traits>::iterator(p.first), p.second);
template<typename T, typename U, typename V>
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