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Pseudo-JS code for creating a commit via the GitHub API from a Probot app
// Getting tree
const { data: baseTree } = await client.gitdata.getTree({
owner: login,
repo: repo,
tree_sha: sha,
recursive: 1
const baseSha = baseTree.sha
const baseEntriesByPath = baseTree.tree.reduce((entriesByPath, entry) => {
entriesByPath[entry.path] = entry
return entriesByPath
}, {})
// For each file you want to update, create Blobs
const updatedFilePath = ''
const updatedFileContent = 'foobar'
const { data: blobData } = await client.gitdata.createBlob({
owner: login,
repo: repo,
content: Buffer.from(updatedFileContent).toString('base64'),
encoding: 'base64'
// etc. etc.
// Creating tree changeset
const treeChangeset = []
const fileMode = baseEntriesByPath[updateFilePath] ? baseEntriesByPath[updateFilePath].mode : '100644'
treeChangeset.push({ path: updateFilePath, sha: blobData.sha, mode: fileMode })
// Creating tree
const { data: newTreeData } = await client.gitdata.createTree({
owner: login,
repo: repo,
tree: treeChangeset,
base_tree: baseSha
// Turn that tree into a commit
// Ensure you use the user's client to make them the author here, if desired
// But definitely make the bot the committer
const userClient = getUserClientMagically()
const { data: commitData } = await userClient.gitdata.createCommit({
owner: login,
repo: repo,
message: 'Automatic commit from MyAmazingProbotApp',
parents: [baseSha],
tree: newTreeData.sha || baseSha,
committer: {
name: 'MyAmazingProbotApp[bot]',
email: 'MyAmazingProbotApp[bot]'
// We've committed, update the HEAD
// Updating HEAD for the commit
await client.gitdata.updateRef({
owner: login,
repo: repo,
ref: `heads/myPrBranchName`,
sha: commitData.sha
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