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Created March 9, 2017 17:18
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Workshop Teachers Needed

Looking for workshop teachers to teach on the following topics!

For introductions please tweet @frontendmasters, @1marc or email: marc at Thanks!

You can propose other topics too.

Published blog post detailing topics and allowed people to vote on priority: 2016 Frontend Masters topic poll

Bolded topics are very highly requested.


  • JavaScript Design Patterns TBD Stoyan Stefanov
  • Debugging TBD Todd Gardner - profiling, heap dump etc
  • Node.js (lots of topics) - Streams / IO / APIs & Scaling Recorded Kevin Whinnery / Microservices
  • Transpiled Flavors of JS: ELM Reocrded Richard Feldman, PureScript, ClojureScript, etc
  • Typed JS: TypeScript / Flow
  • Redux recorded Brian Holt / MobX
  • Advanced React & Redux
  • Relay / GraphQL / Falcor
  • Frameworks: Vue, Cycle, Aurelia
  • Hands-on build an application with latest features in ES6/7
  • Working with Client-Side APIs (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, OAuth2.js, etc)
  • Immutable data - Immutable.js / Mori / Immutable concepts and patterns
  • Unit Testing JS

Web Apps

  • Progressive Web Apps: Offline APIs / Web Workers / Service Workers / Local Storage
  • Geo Data Vis / Mapping (leaflet, google maps)
  • Security Launched Douglas Crockford Recorded Ryan Chenkie
  • Progressive Enhancement / RWD Performance
  • Polymer / Web Components

Design Topics

  • Mobile design patterns
  • Data driven design
  • UI design / Material Design
  • CSS preprocessors LESS/Sass/compass/stylus
  • Usability (Desktop, mobile, etc)
  • Form Design / UX

UI Frameworks

  • CSS Frameworks: Foundation / Bootstrap
  • Hybrid applications: Ionic 2 Framework / NativeScript
  • Electron Recorded Steve Kinney / Native Apps with JS
  • Three.js / WebGL libraries

Other Topics

  • Canvas
  • Document Databases - MongoDB / LevelDB / CouchDB
  • Accessibility Recorded Jon Kuperman
  • iOT / Hardware Hacking in Node.js
  • A/B testing
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • WebKit/Blink internals - How browser work
  • Diagramming / UML / code explanations
  • Introduction to Git/Github
  • Text editors: VS Code / Sublime / vim

For introductions please email marc at FrontendMasters dot com.

P.S. You can propose other topics too.

Completed Topics

  • Dev Tools / Rendering Performance (Hardware Accel, Painting, etc) Launched Jon Kuperman
  • React Native Launched Scott Moss
  • Angular 2 Launched Scott Moss and Lukas Ruebbelke
  • API Design in Node Launched Scott Moss
  • React.js Launched with Ryan Florence and Brian Holt
  • ES6 Launched with Aaron Frost and Scheduled Kyle Simpson
  • DOM Scripting Launched Justin Meyer
  • Asynchronous JavaScript Launched Jafar Husain and Kyle Simpson
  • Algorithms and Data Structures Recorded Bianca Gandolfo and Launched Brian Holt
  • Ember.js Launched Mike North
  • Organizing a large JavaScript application Launched both Kyle Simpson and Henrik Joreteg
  • Meteor.js Recorded Chris Mather (in production)
  • Animation Engines - GreenSock Launched Sarah Drasner
  • SVG / vector Launched Sarah Drasner
  • JSON APIs / API design Launched Scott Moss
  • Html/RWD emails Launched Justine Jordan
  • Typography Launched Jason Pamental
  • CSS structure (oocss, smass) Launched Jonathan Snook
  • UI prototyping / Framer Launched Jay Stakelon
  • React Native Recorded Scott Moss
  • Webpack Recorded Kent C Dodds
  • How to Create an Open Source JavaScript Library Recorded Kent C Dodds

Upcoming Schedule

  • March 10th - Firebase + React with Steve Kinny
  • March 24th - Hapi.js with Ryan Chenkie
  • March 31st - d3.js v4 with Shirley Wu
  • April 7th - Debugging JavaScript with Todd Gardner
  • // no class April 9-12th
  • April 13th - SASS with Michael North
  • April 14th - Modern SEO with Michael North
  • April 17th & 18th - Advanced JavaScript v2, Deep Foundations with Kyle Simpson
  • April 19th & 20th - Functional JavaScript v2 with Kyle Simpson
  • April 25th - Unit Testing JavaScript with Kent C Dodds
  • April 26th - Manipulating and linting JavaScript using ASTs with Kent C Dodds
  • May 2nd through 5th - Lots of topics James Holiday (Substack)
  • May 20th - Advanced Asynchronous Programming with Jafar Husain
  • May 25th & 26th - React v3 with Brian Holt
  • June 9 - Vue with Sarah Drasner
  • July 27-28 - Progressive Web Applications and Offline with Steve Kinney and Mike North
  • To be scheduled - JavaScript Built-Ins with Kent C Dodds
  • To be scheduled - Elm + React with Richard Feldman
  • To be scheduled - Responsive Web Design (Reshoot) with Ben Callahan
  • To be scheduled - Service Workers with Jem Young, Steve Kinney or Mike North
  • To be scheduled - HTML5 Game Development with Kyle Simpson
  • To be scheduled - Flexbox and Latest CSS3 with Estelle Weyl
  • To be scheduled - Hardcore Functional JS Part 2 with Brian Lonsdorf
  • To be scheduled - JavaScript Design Patterns with Stoyan Stefanov
  • To be scheduled - Progressive Web Apps with Aditya Punjani
  • To be scheduled - Introduction to Web Development (Reshoot) with Brian Holt
  • To be scheduled - GraphQL with Lukas Ruebbelke
  • To be scheduled - Angular 2 Testing with Lukas Ruebbelke
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